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Fernando Grostein Andrade

About Fernando Grostein Andrade

Director who is most famous for directing the acclaimed docuseries Quebrando o Tabu (2018), which examines the United States government s “war on drugs.” In 2019, he released his first full-length narrative film, Abe 

Early life

He studied business administration at Fundação Getúlio Vargas before 


He has filmed over 100 commercials for big name brands like Nestle, Coca Cola and Mitsubishi. 

Family of Fernando Grostein Andrade

He is the brother of television host Luciano Huck. 

Close associates of Fernando Grostein Andrade

He directed Noah Schnapp in the family drama Abe. 

Mar McCoy

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About Mar McCoy

Dancer and entertainer who became popular on Instagram and He s been known by a number of usernames, including indigomccoy, curlyhairmar, Babymccoyy, funsizedmar and beingkingmar. 

Early life

He played football in middle school. He began to develop his social media stardom in 2016. 


His indigomccoy account has racked up over 350,000 followers.

Family of Mar McCoy

He has an older and younger brother. He also has a younger sister who frequently appears on his social media.

Close associates of Mar McCoy

In July 2016, he posted an Instagram video of himself lip syncing to the Ty Dolla Sign song “Stand For.”  

Ben Kendrick

About Ben Kendrick

Writer and managing editor at Screen Rant who is also the host of the SRUnderground podcast. He would also host an unofficial podcast called Total Geekall with fellow Screen Rant editors and joined four other guys to host The Bachelor Podcast.

Early life

He graduated from the University of Colorado with a Bachelor of Arts in English literature with a minor in business administration. He then attended the New School in New York City to get his Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing.


He became the Editor-at-Large for LIT Magazine after previously serving as a staff reader, associate prose editor and editor-in-chief with the company.

Family of Ben Kendrick

He was born in Denver, Colorado.

Close associates of Ben Kendrick

He and Logan Hill are both pop culture critics.

Ramona Xavier

About Ramona Xavier

Musician and producer known as Vektroid who s been credited with helping popularize vaporwave music. She s released more than 40 albums under more than a dozen names.

Early life

Originally going by the name VectorFray, her first EP was released in 2005. She released half a dozen in total that year.


She s also gone by the names Vektordrum, New Dreams Ltd, and Sacred Tapestry. She has more than 13,000 followers on Sound Cloud.

Family of Ramona Xavier

She was born in Washington and originally gained fame in the Pacific Northwest.

Close associates of Ramona Xavier

Her 2013 album Home included a cover of Phil Collins “Easy Lover.”

Mike Webb

About Mike Webb

Known early in his life for his music performances on such 1970s Australian NWS-9 channel programs as Adelaide Tonight and Hey Hey It s Saturday, he later became a South Australia-based cleric in the Apostolic Church Australia.

Early life

In 1971, he and his brother and musical collaborator Keith Webb performed on an Australian television talent competition called New Faces.


While conducting research for a Nostradamus-based rock opera that he and his brother planned to compose, Webb converted to Christianity.

Family of Mike Webb

Following their 1976 wedding, he and his wife Christine (Chrys) welcomed a daughter named Lauren (born in 1979) and sons named Marc and Luke (born in 1980 and 1985, respectively).

Close associates of Mike Webb

At the age of seventeen, he became a junior host of the Australian television variety program Hey Hey It s Saturday. The show s regular host was Daryl Somers.