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William Nicholson

About William Nicholson

Tony-nominated playwright who wrote Shadowlands and The Retreat from Moscow. He is also known for his popular Wind On Fire trilogy of books.

Early life

He decided to become a writer at age ten and was educated at Christ s College, Cambridge.


One of his best years was 2000, when he was nominated for an Academy Award for his work on the screenplay for Best Picture winner Gladiator.

Family of William Nicholson

He married his wife Virginia in 1988.

Close associates of William Nicholson

His play Shadowlands was made into a film starring Anthony Hopkins in 1993.

Simone Zaza

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About Simone Zaza

Striker for the Italian national team who made a significant contribution to Sassuolo from 2013 to 2015 before joining Juventus in 2015.

Early life

His youth career lasted from 1997 until 2008, playing with the teams Stella Azzurra Bernalda, Valdera and Atalanta during that time span. He joined Atalanta s senior team in 2008 and was with them until 2010 when he went to Sampdoria.


While with Sampdoria, he was loaned to Juve Stabia, Viareggio and Ascoli. He was a member of Italy s U-16, 17 and 19 teams.

Family of Simone Zaza

He was born in Policoro, Matera, Italy and raised in Metaponto.

Close associates of Simone Zaza

Coach Antonio Conte called him up to be a part of the Italian senior squad in August of 2014.

Peter Furler

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About Peter Furler

Australian musician best known for fronting and co-founding in 1985 the Christian rock band Newsboys.

Early life

He established Newsboys with his friends George Perdikis, Sean Taylor, and John James. He began as the band s drummer, but took over as lead singer after John James left the band in 1997.


He left Newsboys in 2009 to embark upon a solo career. His solo Christian rock debut came with the #2 album On Fire from 2011.

Family of Peter Furler

He married Summer Andrew LeFevre on March 12, 1991. Pop singer Sia is his cousin.

Close associates of Peter Furler

His old band Newsboys featured Kevin Max on Jesus Freak, their 2011 single.

Cory Hunter-Winn

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About Cory Hunter-Winn

Social media star and content creator who is best recognized for his corywinn TikTok account where he posts comedy and reaction videos, often involving his best freiend. He has accumulated over 370,000 followers on the app. 

Early life

He launched his TikTok account in March 2020. His first ever TikTok has received over 1 million views.


One of his most viewed TikToks is about how his niece is scared of his best friend. 

Family of Cory Hunter-Winn

His parents have appeared on his TikTok account. 

Close associates of Cory Hunter-Winn

He posted a duet with TikTok star Jaxajueny in September 2020. 

Gertrude Farquharson Boyle Kanno

About Gertrude Farquharson Boyle Kanno

American sculptor who made portrait busts and medallions of famous people in plaster and bronze, including Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Early life

She studied at Cogswell College, Lick School, and Mark Hopkins Institute of Art.


She was the Art Editor of the Birth Control Review for 3 years.

Family of Gertrude Farquharson Boyle Kanno

She married Takeshi Kanno, a Japanese poet, in 1907.

Close associates of Gertrude Farquharson Boyle Kanno

She made a bust of Theodore Roosevelt.