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Attrell Cordes

About Attrell Cordes

Better known by his stage name of Prince Be, this hip hop artist is famous for forming a popular 1990s music group called P.M. Dawn. Two of his recordings, The Bliss Album? and Of the Heart, of the Soul and of the Cross: The Utopian Experience, became certified U.S. Gold albums.

Early life

In his early teenage years, he began writing songs and working as a DJ. Later, using money he had earned as a security guard, he recorded P.M. Dawn s demo tape.


His hit singles include “Set Adrift on Memory Bliss,” which reached number 1 in both the United States and New Zealand, and “I d Die Without You,” which rose to number 3 in the U.S.

Family of Attrell Cordes

He and his brother and P.M. Dawn collaborator, Jarrett Cordes, grew up in Jersey City, New Jersey. The brothers stepfather, George Brown, belonged to a rhythm and blues, disco, and jazz group called Kool and the Gang.

Close associates of Attrell Cordes

He and Hussein Fatal are both New Jersey-born hip hop musicians.

Nyyear Price

About Nyyear Price

Social media personality who posts humorous relationship videos, including pranks and skits, for more than 1 million followers on Instagram. 

Early life

He grew up in Kentucky. 


He is one half of the YouTube couples channel Nyyear AndJalyn, where the pair post pranks, challenges and reactions for over 2.3 million subscribers. 

Family of Nyyear Price

He is from Cincinnati, Ohio. He has dated Jalyn Michelle, the co-star of Nyyear AndJalyn. 

Close associates of Nyyear Price

He posted a reaction video to the 6IX9INE, Fetty Wap and A Boogie wit da Hoodie song “KEKE” in January 2018. 

Nate West

About Nate West

Drummer and cinematographer who shoots videos for YouTube star Niki Demartino of Niki and Gabi. He gained attention when Niki announced the two were dating in a YouTube vlog. 

Early life

He is a graduate of Temple University. 


He is a fan of Blink-182. His Instagram, where he is known as thenatewest, has over 120,000 followers. 

Family of Nate West

He and his mother are Philadelphia Eagles fans. He and Niki Demartino have been dating since April 2017.

Close associates of Nate West

He did a drum cover of Halsey s song “Roman Holiday” for his YouTube channel on May 25, 2017. 

Juniper Scott

About Juniper Scott

First born child of YouTube stars Corbin and Kelsey Scott, creators of the channel Steps to Wander. She often appears in videos on her parents channel. 

Early life

Her mom announced that she was pregnant with her in a August 2016 video called “SHOCKING PREGNANCY TEST REACTION! – Pregnant Living in a Van.”


Her birth name of Juniper was decided months before she was born.

Family of Juniper Scott

She would already have a pet dog named Sir Paris when she was born. Her younger brother Tabor was born in 2019.

Close associates of Juniper Scott

Her parents attended the release party of Bryan Lanning s EP Like a Lion.

Too Poor

About Too Poor

Fashionista and style blogger with over 600,000 followers on her toopoor Instagram account. She owns the vintage clothing shop called Shop Too Poor. She has been featured in outlets such as Galore, Complex, Bullet magazine, and The Cobra Shop.

Early life

She was a marketing assistant and social media manager for the trendy e-commerce store Shop Jeen.


She tattooed the words “Too Poor” on her knees with a pencil and needle when she first moved to LA and was struggling to make money. She had to bribe the person already using the name as a handle on social media to let her have it.

Family of Too Poor

Her name is Layla Shapiro. She grew up in Palm Springs, California, stealing designer pieces from thrift stores and posting them on her Tumblr. She dated designer Tyler Grosso.

Close associates of Too Poor

She was once considered to be the next Sophia Amoruso.