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Caitlin Cummins

About Caitlin Cummins

Aspiring actress, dancer and model who is best known for her contributions to the app TikTok under the username caitlincmmins. Her videos earned her the verification crown and more than 950,000 fans.  

Early life

She began studying at the Australian Performing Arts Network. She played the part of Maureen for an APAN production of Grease The Musical. 


She became an ambassador for MadMia and Glitter Lips Australia. 

Family of Caitlin Cummins

She is British, but would reside in Australia. She grew up with two sisters. 

Close associates of Caitlin Cummins

One of her favorite creators is Emma Marie.  

Little T

About Little T

Grime artist whose music is found on the popular YouTube channel BGMedia. Popular tracks of his have included “#STOPBULLYING,” “Never Be” and “Chit-Chat.” His real name is Josh Tate. 

Early life

One of his first songs with BGMedia was a collaboration with Chewta called “Tell Em.” The song was published in March of 2016. 


He has over 180,000 followers on his joshtatemusic Instagram account. 

Family of Little T

He has a sister named Charley Tate. He has been in a relationship with Katie Flesher.

Close associates of Little T

He, Soph Aspin, Millie Bracewell and Daniel Martin all became BGMedia artists. 

Daniel Preda

About Daniel Preda

Social media sensation on Twitter and Instagram with a username of misterpreda who is a signed model with Model Maggie Inc and Elite. He has over 850,000 followers on Instagram. 

Early life

He first joined the Twittersphere in June of 2009 and began posting to Instagram in October of 2012.


He attended VidCon Australia in 2017. 

Family of Daniel Preda

He began a relationship with Joey Graceffa in 2014; their relationship ended in 2020.

Close associates of Daniel Preda

He posted an Instagram photo with MelB at ComicCon.

Li Quanzhe

About Li Quanzhe

Korean Pop trainee with the Chinese boy-group NEX7 that debuted with a song called “Wait A Minute.”

Early life

He was a trainee with Yuehua Entertainment.


His nickname is Little Hamster.

Family of Li Quanzhe

He is from Liaoning, China. His Korean name is Cheol.

Close associates of Li Quanzhe

Fellow NEX7 performer Justin was also part of the group Nine Percent.

Song Kang

About Song Kang

Korean actor who made his TV debut in the rom-com The Liar and His Lover. He went on to appear in MBC s Man in the Kitchen and later starred as Hwang Sun-oh in Netflix s Love Alarm.

Early life

He was a student of the Department of Film Arts at Konkuk University. 


He was a cast member of the variety shows Salty Tour and Village Survival, the Eight. He hosted the variety show Inkigayo for episodes 945 to 979.

Family of Song Kang

He is from South Korea.

Close associates of Song Kang

He was one of the three leads in Love Alarm along with Kim So-hyun and Jung Ga-ram.