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Francesca Reale

About Francesca Reale

Actress who scored her big break portraying Emily on the Netflix comedy series Haters Back Off based on the YouTube character Miranda Sings created by Colleen Ballinger. She went on to join the cast of the TV movie Paradise by the Dashboard Light and star in season three of Netflix s Stranger Things.

Early life

She began her acting career by earning roles and production credits in short films like The Furies of War, Hunger, and Goodbye Charm City.


She received a 2012 National Youth Arts Award for Outstanding Youth Choreography for her work on “Bordan vi Haller.”

Family of Francesca Reale

She has a brother. She s also dated editor Henry Hayes.

Close associates of Francesca Reale

In Netflix s Haters Back Off! she stars alongside Angela Kinsey, Erik Stocklin, and Steve Little.

Kayla Polek

About Kayla Polek

Popular social media star and content creator who is best recognized for the lip sync videos she posts to her kaylavoid TikTok account. Her fans have boosted her to over 2 million followers on the platform. 

Early life

She launched her TikTok account in January 2021.


One of her most popular TikToks has received over 100 million views, and features her lip syncing to “Sugarcrash!” by Elyotto. 

Family of Kayla Polek

She was born in the United States. 

Close associates of Kayla Polek

She posted a TikTok set to the SZA song “Good Days” in February 2021.

Kate Brock

About Kate Brock

Fashion and lifestyle influencer who rose to fame by sharing outfit inspiration, room tour, shopping haul, and comment response videos on her katebrockkkk TikTok account. She has more than 550,000 followers on the platform.

Early life

She shared one of her favorite comfy outfits in a May 2020 TikTok.


She created a series of popular thrift store hauls to inspire her fans. 

Family of Kate Brock

She was born in Vancouver, British Columbia. 

Close associates of Kate Brock

In January of 2021, she created a TikTok set to Billy Joel s “Zanzibar.”

Suzuka Nakamoto

About Suzuka Nakamoto

Japanese singer known for being a part of three Amuse, Inc. acts: Babymetal, Karen Girl s and Sakura Gakuin. She performs as SU-METAL with Babymetal, whose 2014 debut peaked at #2 on the Japanese Billboard Charts.

Early life

She was a runner-up in 2nd Star Kids Audition, held by Amuse, Inc.


She sang many songs for the popular anime series Zettai Karen Children.

Family of Suzuka Nakamoto

Her older sister, Himeka Nakamoto, is a member of the band Nogizaka46.

Close associates of Suzuka Nakamoto

She and actress Eri Fukatsu have both worked for the entertainment and artist management group Amuse, Inc.

Spurgeon Seewald

About Spurgeon Seewald

First born son and child of 19 Kids and Counting stars Jessa Duggar Seewald and Ben Seewald. 

Early life

He was named after a British preacher named Charles Spurgeon who founded a college in London. His middle name of Elliot was taken from missionaries Jim and Elisabeth Elliot. 


His parents gave him the nickname of Quincy. 

Family of Spurgeon Seewald

His younger brother Henry was born in 2017. 

Close associates of Spurgeon Seewald

His grandfather is Jim Bob Duggar.