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Wallace Shawn

About Wallace Shawn

Comedic actor and writer best known for his roles in My Dinner with Andre and The Princess Bride. As a playwright, he created Aunt Dan and Lemon and The Designated Mourner. He also voiced the character Rex in the Toy Story series. 

Early life

Before pursuing an acting career, he was employed as an English teacher in India.


He graduated from Harvard University, studied economics and philosophy at Oxford, and planned on being a diplomat. However, his plans changed when he had his breakthrough role in Princess Bride. 

Family of Wallace Shawn

His father William Shawn was a popular editor for The New Yorker. He has been in a long-term relationship with writer Deborah Eisenberg.

Close associates of Wallace Shawn

He played Cyrus Rose, the stepfather of Leighton Meester s character Blair, on Gossip Girl. 

Lilbaby Lexi

About Lilbaby Lexi

Prankster with a large YouTube subscriber base of more than 200,000 who is best known for her collaborations with her brother. Her video “Smoking Prank In My Brothers Car!!” was her first to go viral.

Early life

She began posting on Instagram in November of 2018. She debuted on YouTube with a video called “My First YouTube Video!!**Q&A**.”


She was known on Instagram as _lilbaby_lex, and on Snapchat as mariahlassalle5.

Family of Lilbaby Lexi

She is the sister of Anthony Vargas. She has four other siblings. 

Close associates of Lilbaby Lexi

Her brother collaborated with his girlfriend Bella Retamosa on a channel called A & B things.

Roja Kumar

About Roja Kumar

YouTube star who has gained fame for her self-titled channel. She has risen to massive for her life hacks, fashion hauls, and personal story times. 

Early life

She posted her first video “welcome to my channel!!!” in July 2016. 


She has earned more than 160,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel. 

Family of Roja Kumar

She has two younger sisters. She is of South Indian descent.

Close associates of Roja Kumar

She and Karina Garcia are both famous for their personal vlogging on YouTube. 

Rory Eliza

About Rory Eliza

Australian social media influencer who rose through the rankings to become one of the top 20 TikTok creators of her country. Her self-titled account includes comedy, transition and lip-sync videos, and would earn more than 4.4 million fans. She also enjoys posting singing videos and modeling photos. 

Early life

She worked as a Maccas employee while attending school. She created her TikTok account in July of 2017.


She gained 800,000 followers within her first year on TikTok. She earned the verification crown in January 2019. 

Family of Rory Eliza

She was born in the Northern Territory of Australia. She has one sister named Taylor. Her parents are named Simone and Daniel. 

Close associates of Rory Eliza

She has used music by Selena Gomez, The Neighbourhood, Saweetie and other artists for her videos. 

Gavin Sturm

About Gavin Sturm

Variety content creator on TikTok known for posting pantomimes, lip sync performances, and skits. He has accumulated more than 650,000 followers and 18 million likes on the platform.

Early life

He enjoyed playing ice hockey throughout his youth.


He made a duet TikTok using a scene from Disney s Frozen in late 2018.

Family of Gavin Sturm

He was born in St. Paul, Minnesota. His twin brother Wyatt has also been a TikTok star. 

Close associates of Gavin Sturm

He made a TikTok using Eminem s verse from the D12 single “My Band.”