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Chachi Riot

About Chachi Riot

Drummer recognized for joining the five piece rock band Pop Evil in 2011 after former drummer Dylan Allison suffered a debilitating neck injury. He has since played on the Pop Evil albums Onyx in 2013 and Up in 2015.

Early life

He grew up watching the rise of Pop Evil. Throughout his teen years, he dabbled in sports and school bands before he finally picked up the drums at twenty.


In June 2013, Pop Evil scored their first national #1 single with “Trenches.”

Family of Chachi Riot

Joshua Marunde, nicknamed Chachi Riot, was born and raised in Constantine, Michigan with his younger brother.

Close associates of Chachi Riot

He is joined in Pop Evil by lead singer Leigh Kakaty and bassist Matt DiRito.

Shirlie Holliman

About Shirlie Holliman

Pop singer with multi-Platinum selling band Wham! and the duo Pepsi & Shirlie.Pepsi & Shirlie

Early life

A diagnosis of hay fever kept her from pursuing her first profession as a horse riding instructor.


She and her then-boyfriend joined George Michael s early band, which eventually turned into Wham!

Family of Shirlie Holliman

She married Spandau Ballet member Martin Kemp.

Close associates of Shirlie Holliman

She sang the backup vocals to Geri Halliwell s #1 hit “Bag it Up.”

Germany Kent

About Germany Kent

Initially known for competing in the Miss Teen Mississippi Pageant and the Hal Jackson Talented Teens International competition, this model acted in numerous national commercials and subsequently pursued a successful career as a television host and celebrity interviewer.

Early life

After attending Northwest Mississippi Community College and subsequently graduating from Mississippi State University, she earned a master s degree in public relations from the University of Alabama.


Also an award-winning author, she published her 10th critically-acclaimed book called You Are What You Tweet.

Family of Germany Kent

Born Evelyn LaShawn Palmer, she grew up in Greenville, Mississippi, as the child of DJ Charles Palmer and local politician Lula Palmer.

Close associates of Germany Kent

She produced a 2013 video segment featuring actor and writer Hill Harper.

Dennis Prager

About Dennis Prager

A talk show host who is most recognized for his polarizing conservative views on social and financial issues.

Early life

He completed his formal education at Columbia University in New York.


In addition to his hosting gigs, he has also lectured around the world and in a variety of different languages, including Russian and Hebrew.

Family of Dennis Prager

He married his third wife Susan Reed in 2008.

Close associates of Dennis Prager

Like politician Susan Collins, he has been vocal about his support for the Republican party.