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V Wars

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A physician scientist and his best friend face a deadly outbreak that could potentially escalate a future war between humans and vampires. The show is based on Jonathan Maberry s graphic novel of the same name. 


Star Ian Somerhalder got a crack at directing the eighth episode of season one, “Red Rain.” He also served as an executive producer.

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Angelique Sabrina

About Angelique Sabrina

Bahamian actress who created a new sound, fusing pop and R&B with a distinctly Caribbean flavor. She released the single “I m Ready” in 2014 which was uploaded to YouTube and became available on iTunes.

Early life

A student of music from her earliest days, she trained in guitar, piano, and drums, and learned classics of Broadway and Disney.


Her first single “Pull Up” garnered attention from Australia and Jamaica and earned her praise from the U.S. as the next Rihanna.

Family of Angelique Sabrina

She was born to a musical family; her father Gregg White was the music producer who first noticed the talents of the hip hop group Arrested Development. She grew up with a brother named Tristian.

Close associates of Angelique Sabrina

She performed a tribute song to the great actor Sidney Poitier in 2012 during a a star-studded event that included Oprah Winfrey.

Top Trends


About Top Trends

Content creator on YouTube who runs the enormously successful channel Top Trends. His videos comprise top 5 or 10 lists about YouTubers, internet culture, and pop culture.

Early life

He created his Top Trends channel in January of 2015. His first ever video published was titled “8 Wildest on Air Meltdowns.”


His Top Trends channel has over 2.1 million subscribers. In August of 2016, he created a vlog channel simply called Cameron that earned more than 50,000 subscribers in only two weeks.

Family of Top Trends

He was born in the UK. His name is Cameron.

Close associates of Top Trends

One of his most watched videos is titled “10 Things You Didn t Know About Jacob Sartorius.”

DJ Schemes

About DJ Schemes

American DJ who has gained fame as a member of a group of globally recognized disc jockeys deemed The Core DJs.

Early life

He began working as a professional DJ while studying at West Virginia University.


He has 30,000 total followers on Instagram.

Family of DJ Schemes

He was encouraged to pursue the career of a DJ by several members of his family, who are also DJs.

Close associates of DJ Schemes

He is musically inspired by hip hop artists such as Jay-Z, Notorious B.I.G., and more.

Seth Green


About Seth Green

Comedic actor who became known as Oz on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and won multiple Emmy Awards for creating and producing the television show Robot Chicken. His film credits include The Italian Job, Rat Race and Without a Paddle. 

Early life

One of his first film roles was 1984 s The Hotel New Hampshire, which starred Jodie Foster and Rob Lowe.


He played Dr. Evil s son Scott in the Austin Powers films. 

Family of Seth Green

His parents are Herb Green and Barbara Gesshel, and he has a sister named Kaela. He married actress and co-star Clare Grant in May 2010. 

Close associates of Seth Green

He starred alongside Mike Myers in the Austin Powers films.