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Agnes de Mille

About Agnes de Mille

Most well known as the choreographer of numerous Broadway musicals, she worked on the original productions of Oklahoma!, Carousel, Brigadoon, Paint Your Wagon, and 110 in the Shade, creating innovative dance numbers that advanced each show s characterizations and plot.

Early life

After earning a bachelor s degree in English from the University of California, Los Angeles, she began training with Marie Rambert s and Anthony Tudor s London-based ballet companies. She began her work with the American Ballet Theatre in the late 1930s.


One of the ballets de Mille choreographed, Fall River Legend, tells the life story of the infamous accused murderer Lizzie Borden. She also choreographed for the American Ballet Theatre and the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo.

Family of Agnes de Mille

The niece of prominent Hollywood director Cecil B. DeMille and the daughter of screenwriter and director William C. DeMille, she grew up in New York City. She and her husband, Walter Prude, married in 1943 and welcomed a son, Jonathan, in 1946.

Close associates of Agnes de Mille

Early in her career, de Mille choreographed Rodeo, a 1942 ballet composed by Aaron Copland.

Maverick Baker


About Maverick Baker

Sings alongside his brother Cash Baker in the musical duo Cash and Maverick. They released a song titled “The Way You Move” in 2018. Also a TikTok creator, his popular lip sync videos have earned him over 12 million followers on the app. 

Early life

He first became active on social media in 2015. In one of his first Instagram posts, he shared a picture of himself on a ride at the Tulsa State Fair. 


One of his most popular TikTok videos features him and his brother lip syncing to LoCash s “I Love This Life” at a local trainyard. 

Family of Maverick Baker

He s lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma. His sister is fellow social star Lani Lynn Baker. He began a relationship with Cailee Kennedy in 2019. 

Close associates of Maverick Baker

He s featured music from John Legend, Lil Peep and Lil Tracy and Max Schneider in his TikTok videos. In October 2019, he visited the Famous Birthdays office with Cailee Kennedy.

Anna Briand

About Anna Briand

Danish vlogger who discusses school, fashion, beauty and other topics relevant to young women on her self-titled YouTube channel. Her videos have attracted more than 180,000 subscribers so far. 

Early life

She grew up on the Danish island of Funen and went to school at Rantzausminde Børnehave.


She has over 220,000 Instagram followers.

Family of Anna Briand

She has been in a relationship with fellow YouTuber Alexander Husum. 

Close associates of Anna Briand

She has previously dated social media superstar Benjamin Lasnier.

Ella Kasumovic

About Ella Kasumovic

Belgian dancer and influencer who is best recognized for sharing her viral dance moves with her family through TikTok where she has over 260,000 followers. She is also known for having become a finalist on the Belgiums Got Talent television series during its 2019 season. 

Early life

She first started sharing dance photos and content through her Instagram in September of 2018. She started getting viral attention after joining TikTok in October of 2019 where her first dance video earned over 300 thousand views. 


She is also known for her work as a model and influencer for the clothing brand IPPOP which she promotes on her Instagram. 

Family of Ella Kasumovic

She shared a TikTok featuring her younger brother Noah through her account in February of 2020. Her mom s name is Sandra.

Close associates of Ella Kasumovic

She shared a dance video featuring fellow influencers Celine Dept and Michiel Callebaut through her TikTok in February of 2020. 

Aileen Vargas


About Aileen Vargas

TikTok star who has gained fame for her aileenvrgs
channel. Her lip-syncs, dubs, POVs, and montages to popular music and in meme form have boosted her .

Early life

She began posting to TikTok in July 2019.


She has amassed more than 70,000 fans on TikTok.

Family of Aileen Vargas

She has collaborated with a cousin of hers on TikTok.

Close associates of Aileen Vargas

She posted a duet with Jayden Croes TikTok content on her own TikTok channel.