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Florence Stanley

About Florence Stanley

Played Edna in the film Trapped in Paradise. Her other credits include My Two Dads and Barney Miller.

Early life

She appeared in a Shakespeare production of Electra in 1964.


She appeared in the Broadway musical Fiddler on the Roof as Yente.

Family of Florence Stanley

She had two children with Martin Newman, whom she married in 1951.

Close associates of Florence Stanley

She played Mrs. Gould in The Fortune alongside Jack Nicholson.

Anne Ramsey

About Anne Ramsey

She played Mama Fratelli in the 1985 cult classic film The Goonies and played a major role in Throw Momma From the Train.

Early life

She started her television career with roles in shows like Little House on the Prairie and Wonder Woman.


She was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the 1987 film Throw Momma from the Train.

Family of Anne Ramsey

She was married to the acclaimed television actor Logan Ramsey.

Close associates of Anne Ramsey

She played the repulsive and intolerable mother of Danny DeVito in the 1987 film Throw Momma from the Train.



Chelsie Worthy

About Chelsie Worthy

Instagram star, social media model, and blogger who is known for running her own blog website entitled WVRTHY. She often posts a variety of makeup related content in addition to other fashion related and lifestyle centered content to her over 320,000 Instagram followers. 

Early life

She first began posting makeup related pictures to her Instagram in July of 2014. She first began her blog shortly thereafter. 


In addition to her blog, she also runs an accompanying online web store which features a variety of makeup products which she often features and discusses on her blog. 

Family of Chelsie Worthy

She was born and raised in Connecticut. 

Close associates of Chelsie Worthy

Other bloggers coming from the Georgia area include Michelle Brown and Jenne Claiborne. 

Danny Aarons

About Danny Aarons

YouTube star who is best recognized for the FIFA-related content he posts to his self-titled YouTube channel. His tips, guides and gameplays have boosted him to over 100,000 subscribers on the video platform.

Early life

He launched his YouTube channel in 2012 with Skate 3 and Minecraft videos that have since been deleted. He began producing FIFA-related content in late 2018. 


He has accumulated over 190,000 followers on his dannyaaronsfut TikTok account. One of his most popular videos features the caption “Non stop blues in packs,” and has received over 1.7 million views. 

Family of Danny Aarons

His mother has appeared on his dannyaaronsfut Instagram account.

Close associates of Danny Aarons

He posted a YouTube video about Alex Teixeira in November 2020. He often uses professional footballer Kazuyoshi Miura in his FIFA videos. 



Cory Asbury

About Cory Asbury

Singer, guitarist and worship leader who has found in the Christian music world with releases like Have It All (2016) and Reckless Love (2017). His most popular songs include “Reckless Love,” “Son of God” and “Where I Belong.” 

Early life

He grew up in the mountains of North Carolina. 


He has served as a pastor at Radiant Church in Kalamazoo, Michigan. 

Family of Cory Asbury

He married a woman named Anna, with whom he has children named Gabriel, Lily and River. 

Close associates of Cory Asbury

He has performed “Reckless Love” live as a duet with Steffany Gretzinger.