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Johanna Braddy

About Johanna Braddy

Actress who played Jordan in the ABC Family series Greek in 2007. She also provided the voice of Princess Yue in Avatar: The Last Airbender with Mae Whitman. In 2015, she began playing Shelby Wyatt on the ABC crime/drama series Quantico and Anna Martin in Lifetime s UnREAL. 

Early life

She graduated from McIntosh High School in Georgia in 2005. 


She played Olivia in two episodes of the TV drama Southland in 2009. 

Family of Johanna Braddy

She married Josh Blaylock, whom she co-starred with in Video Game High School, in 2012. The couple later spanorced. In 2016, she married actor Freddie Stroma.  

Close associates of Johanna Braddy

She appeared in the 2012 film The Collection with Christopher McDonald. 

Giovanna Menezes

About Giovanna Menezes

Social media star who has gained fame for her menezesgi Instagram account. She has risen to massive for her lingerie, bikini, and chic fashion modeling with lifestyle pictures. 

Early life

She posted her first picture to her Instagram account in November 2015. 


She has seen her Instagram account grow to more than 410,000 followers as an influencer. She has competed as a CrossFit athlete. 

Family of Giovanna Menezes

She was born and raised in Brazil. 

Close associates of Giovanna Menezes

She and Daria Kolodziej are both popular fitness models on Instagram.

Gwen Davis

About Gwen Davis

American author whose more than a dozen novels include West of Paradise, The Motherland, and Silk Lady. The Pretenders, published in 1969, was an instant bestseller.

Early life

She studied creative writing at Stanford University. She published her debut work, Naked in Babylon, in 1960.


She was sued by California psychologist E. Paul Bindrim for including a character in her 1971 novel, Touching, who strongly resembled Bindrim.

Family of Gwen Davis

She was born in Pennsylvania and raised in New York City. She married businessman Don Mitchell.

Close associates of Gwen Davis

She co-wrote What a Way to Go, a 1964 comedic film that starred Shirley Maclaine.

Lilly Wilker

About Lilly Wilker

Animal impressionist known for her appearance on the 13th season of America s Got Talent. She was eliminated during the judge cuts.

Early life

She is a 4-time animal calling contest champion of her hometown county fair in Ohio.


She is known as roosterroo on Instagram. She and the singing dog and pianist act Oscar and Pam were eliminated from AGT in the same round.

Family of Lilly Wilker

She has many sisters.

Close associates of Lilly Wilker

Tyra Banks was the host of AGT when she competed.

Eugenia Maria Trinchinetti

About Eugenia Maria Trinchinetti

Pro field hockey midfielder/forward who has gained fame for her career playing for Argentina s national team. She earned a gold medal at the 2017 Pan American Cup.

Early life

She made her professional international debut with Argentina s senior national field hockey squad in 2015.


She has earned sponsorship from Nike as a pro field hockey athlete. She won the bronze medal at the 2018 Champions Trophy with Argentina s national field hockey team while playing club with Club San Fernando.

Family of Eugenia Maria Trinchinetti

She has two siblings. 

Close associates of Eugenia Maria Trinchinetti

She and Delfina Merino have played as teammates for Argentina s national field hockey team.