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Darryl Cheng

About Darryl Cheng

Creator of the brand House Plant Journal who made it his goal to rethink house plant care and teach it to his social media followers. His houseplantjournal Instagram account earned more than 550,000 followers.

Early life

He first started his brand through the blog site Tumblr. 


He has worked as an engineer.

Family of Darryl Cheng

He became engaged to a girl named Jackie.

Close associates of Darryl Cheng

Melissa Maker invited him to be on her channel.



Ira Remsen

About Ira Remsen

Chemist who became an accidental co-inventor of the artificial sweetener saccharin.

Early life

He earned a medical degree to satisfy his family, but then moved to Germany to pursue his true passion in chemistry.


He discovered what would become saccharin after residue on his hands from coal and tar derivatives he was working with ended up on his dinner rolls.

Family of Ira Remsen

His wife became a crucial aide in his discovery of saccharin, having made those dinner rolls.

Close associates of Ira Remsen

He was the first recipient of the American Chemical Society s Priestley Medal, which was also later given to Linus Pauling.



Lilian Al Selawi

About Lilian Al Selawi

Child YouTube star who rose to fame by appearing in family friendly content with her twin sister Jwan. Their videos ranged from playful to educational and frequently addressed overcoming some sort of problem. 

Early life

She and her sister made their YouTube debut in 2018 at the age of 5.


She visited a family fun center in a viral video.

Family of Lilian Al Selawi

She shared YouTube fame with her sister Jwan.

Close associates of Lilian Al Selawi

She and fellow YouTube creator Naser Al Azzeh were both born in Jordan. 

Enrica Sciarretta

About Enrica Sciarretta

Italian blogger, vlogger, and Instagram star who has gained fame discussing topics such as beauty, makeup, travel, lifestyle, and more. 

Early life

She began posting to YouTube in February 2016. 


She has 130,000 total followers on Instagram. 

Family of Enrica Sciarretta

Her significant other is Nicola Cordisco. 

Close associates of Enrica Sciarretta

She posted a picture of the book The Fault in Our Stars written by John Green.