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Edy Susanto

About Edy Susanto

Drummer and musician who is known for his metal style of playing. He is recognized for his work with the bands Seringai and Aparatmati. He shares photos from his performances and of his different drum kits through Instagram for his over 30,000 followers. 

Early life

He first began playing drums professionally in 2002. He then earned recognition for his skills in drumming in 2004 when he recorded the Seringai EP High Octane Rock.


In addition to his drumming, he is also known for his video editing and is credited for having edited the Generasi Menolak Tua DVD in 2010. 

Family of Edy Susanto

He was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. 

Close associates of Edy Susanto

Other professional drummers from Indonesia include Surendro Prasetyo and Ilham Febry. 



Fanny Mendelssohn

About Fanny Mendelssohn

German composer known for being one of the most influential female composers of her time. She is remembered for works like Lied Ohne Worte (Song without Words).

Early life

She grew up with Jewish parents but was not raised in the Jewish tradition.


Due to prevailing attitudes towards women at the time, she released several of her early compositions under her father s name.

Family of Fanny Mendelssohn

Her grandfather is philosopher Moses Mendelssohn.

Close associates of Fanny Mendelssohn

One of her many famous relatives is her brother, composer Felix Mendelssohn.



Helene Rask

About Helene Rask

Featured in magazines such as FHM, Henne, and Vi Menn, she is a model and singer who also owns a Norwegian model agency called Rask Models. She would release a couple of EPs called No Love and Venus, and an album titled Colours.

Early life

She was 17 years old when she first started working as a model.


She almost drowned while competing on the Norwegian version of Fear Factor.

Family of Helene Rask

She was born Anne-Helene Rask Arnesen in Oslo, Norway. She is in a relationship with Geir Hollokken.

Close associates of Helene Rask

She is a Norwegian model and singer like Lene Alexandra.

Jody Hill

About Jody Hill

Well known for his creative partnership with Danny McBride and David Gordon Green, he is a producer, director and writer who worked with McBride and Green on the HBO shows Eastbound & Down, Vice Principals and The Righteous Gemstones. He is also the director of 2009 s Observe and Report and 2018 s The Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter.

Early life

He wrote, directed, produced and acted in a 2006 film called The Foot Fist Way. The distribution rights were bought by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay. He had previously graduated from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts.


He appeared as an actor in the movie Superbad.

Family of Jody Hill

He met his wife Collette Wolfe in college. They married in 2012, but later spanorced.

Close associates of Jody Hill

He directed The Avett Brothers music video “Slight Figure of Speech” which starred his wife at the time and Andy Daly.



Allison Osuna

About Allison Osuna

Content creator who has gained for her self-titled YouTube channel where she posts storytime and vlog-style videos. She has accumulated over 2 million subscribers on her channel. 

Early life

She posted her first YouTube video in July 2020. 


Her dance and lip-sync videos have earned her over 2 million followers on her heyalisss TikTok account. 

Family of Allison Osuna

She and her boyfriend Leo Osuna welcomed their first daughter, Alíah on August 17, 2020.

Close associates of Allison Osuna

She posted a TikTok video set to the Prince Royce song “Incondicional” in September 2020.