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Non-album single from Big Time Rush cast member and band member James Maslow which was the second single released by the artist. 


The accompanying music video for the song was filmed in downtown Los Angeles, California. 

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Lotte Lutjes

About Lotte Lutjes

Taylor Swift superfan whose popular Instagram account, teatimetay13, is dedicated to her love for the pop star and currently boasts 40,000 followers. She is famous for recreating classic Taylor Swift looks. 

Early life

She grew up in the Netherlands. 


She was interviewed about her Taylor Swift fandom on the Chicago-based news show WGN News.

Family of Lotte Lutjes

She has an older sister. 

Close associates of Lotte Lutjes

She took a photo with Taylor Swift s mother, Andrea Swift, in August 27.

Jill Goodacre

About Jill Goodacre

Victoria s Secret s top model of the 80s who married Harry Connick, Jr.

Early life

She joined Victoria s Secret when it was still a fledgeling company and her modeling helped it grow.


She was in a couple of her husband s music videos.

Family of Jill Goodacre

She and Harry Connick, Jr. have three daughters named Charlotte, Georgia and Sara.  

Close associates of Jill Goodacre

She appeared as herself on an episode of Friends with Craig Bierko.

Heather Rae

About Heather Rae

Film producer, actress, and director who produced the Academy Award nominated film Frozen River. The film also won the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance Film Festival.

Early life

She starter her career with a documentary titled Birth Our Own. She also had an early acting role in the film Silent Tears.


She has appeared in other films as well such as Backroads and Christmas in the Clouds.

Family of Heather Rae

She was born in Venice, California.

Close associates of Heather Rae

Her critically acclaimed film Frozen River starred Melissa Leo.

Liam Ferrari

About Liam Ferrari

Self-taught dancing sensation, singer and social media star who has over 2.1 million followers on Instagram. He released his debut single “Run To You” in late 2017. 

Early life

He uploaded his first YouTube video in the summer of 2016. 


His second single with Tyron Hapi, “I Like The Way,” was included on many New Music Friday playlists across the world. It has over 20 million streams on Spotify. 

Family of Liam Ferrari

He is from Melbourne, Australia.

Close associates of Liam Ferrari

His most popular YouTube video, where he dances to Jason Derulo, Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla Sign s track “SWALALALA,” has over 10 million views. He was a supporting act for Craig David when David performed in Melbourne.