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Juanita Bynum

About Juanita Bynum

Author, televangelist, and singer who produced the 1997 audio and videotape series, No More Sheets, and the 2006 musical album, Gospel Goes Classical. She also organized the Women s Weapons of Power Conference, which was held annually from 2000-2006.

Early life

She was born in Chicago, Illinois and later attended boarding school in Lexington, Mississippi. She was discovered by Bishop T.D. Jakes in 1996, when she attended a singles conference and quickly showed herself to be a talented speaker.


She has released several gospel music albums, including The Diary of Juanita Bynun and Morning Glory.

Family of Juanita Bynum

Both in her first marriage (in the 1980s) and in her second marriage to Thomas Wesley Weeks, she suffered domestic abuse. She spanorced Weeks in 2008, after six years of marriage.

Close associates of Juanita Bynum

She started working with Bishop T.D. Jakes in the late 1990s.

Maxine Peake

About Maxine Peake

Notable for her role as Elaine Mason in the 2014 film The Theory of Everything, she is perhaps best known for her television roles in the British series Shameless, Silk, dinnerladies and The Village.

Early life

Beginning in her early teens, she performed with the Octagon and Royal Exchange Youth Theatres. She later attended both the University of Salford and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.


Also a theater actress, she received a Manchester Theatre Award for her performance in a 2012 stage production of August Strindberg s play Miss Julie. She joined the Communist Party in her early adulthood years and, in 2014, was the recipient of the Bolton Socialist Club s “Outstanding Contribution to Socialism” award.

Family of Maxine Peake

The daughter of Glynis and Brian Peake, she grew up in Westhoughton, England, and spent a portion of her teenage years in the care of her grandfather, who encouraged her artistic talents.

Close associates of Maxine Peake

She and Colin Salmon were both in the cast of the 2008 film Clubbed.

Peggy Ovire

About Peggy Ovire

Nollywood actress and model who first became a celebrity after winning the 2006 Miss Nigeria Galaxy pageant. She went on to land roles in the films Best of Enemies, Beneath the Veil and Royal Switch.

Early life

She studied banking and finance at Ambrose Ali University.


She won the 2015 City People Movie Award for Most Promising Actress of the Year.

Family of Peggy Ovire

She was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria.

Close associates of Peggy Ovire

She rose to fame as a popular actress from Nigeria like Destiny Etiko and Mercy Johnson.

Tiffany Keller

About Tiffany Keller

Professional model who is represented by Elite Los Angeles. She is best known for modeling a variety of clothing and swimsuit companies such as Windsor and Salty Mermaid Swimwear.  

Early life

She began posting to Instagram in January of 2012. With consistent updatings of her modeling shoots, she gained a larger following and began modeling for a wider variety of companies. 


She can be seen at several premieres and exclusive events including Miami Swim Week and the Maxim Hot 100 party. 

Family of Tiffany Keller

She was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She can be seen with her sister on her Instagram. 

Close associates of Tiffany Keller

She can be seen photographed with a variety of other models and celebrities on her Instagram including Nadia Mejia and Mark Hunter. 



Christmas Caper

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A Scrooge-like thief returns to her hometown after a con job takes a turn for the worst. She soon finds that the holiday season entices her to leave her life of crime. The film was directed by David Winkler.


Filming took place in and around Vancouver, British Columbia. It was released as a made-for-TV movie on ABC Family. 

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