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Sadie Nardini

About Sadie Nardini

Yoga expert who rose to fame hosting Rock Your Yoga on the Veria Living Network. She also hosts her own self-titled YouTube channel with more than 130,000 subscribers and has authored the book The 21-Day Yoga Body. The book is also featured as an online video course. She released her debut musical album called Salt & Bone on October 2015. 

Early life

After contracting a nerve illness as a teen, she threw herself into yoga to rehabilitate and fight the disease.


She has a second YouTube channel titled where she has posted vlogs and workout videos.

Family of Sadie Nardini

Though originally from Iowa, she later lived in Brooklyn, New York.

Close associates of Sadie Nardini

She is a renowned yoga instructor and author like Ana Forrest.



Rory McGrath

About Rory McGrath

English comedian who wrote and starred in the short-lived series Chelmsford 123. He was also a regular panelist on the BBC1 sport-themes show They Think It s All Over.

Early life

He was a member of Cambridge s Footlights Dramatic Club after studying at Redruth Grammar School and Emmanuel College, Cambridge.


He was a regular on the panel show They Think It s All Over and he starred in the BBC s Three Men in a Boat series.

Family of Rory McGrath

He married his Cambridge sweetheart Tori after they both spanorced from their first spouses.

Close associates of Rory McGrath

He guest-starred on an episode of Who s Line is It Anyway? with host Clive Anderson.



Kerry Latter

About Kerry Latter

YouTube content creator best known for her vlogs on her self-titled channel. She posts weekly videos consisting of pranks, makeup tutorials, and random topics.

Early life

She first started her YouTube channel in December 2015.


Her channel has amassed over 10,000 subscribers as well as 600,000 views and growing.

Family of Kerry Latter

She hails from England and grew up alongside a sister named Rachel.

Close associates of Kerry Latter

She regularly follows YouTube sensation Saffron Barker.

Marianna Armellini

About Marianna Armellini

Actress and comedian known for her roles as Clarice on the show The Good Side of Life, and as Ana Dirce Rosas on Forever and Ever. 

Early life

She graduated from the University of São Paulo s School of Dramatic Art. 


She has been part of the comedy group As Olivias since 2004. They have had their own theatre show, web series, and television program. 

Family of Marianna Armellini

She has been dating Bruno Federici since 2017. 

Close associates of Marianna Armellini

Sergio Guizé, Debora Nascimento and Flavia Alessandra were amongst her co-stars on The Good Side of Life. 

Marta Barczok

About Marta Barczok

Model who became known for being crowned Miss Euro 2016. She has also become an Instagram sensation with over 430,000 Instagram followers. 

Early life

She first began sharing her modeling shots to Instagram in June of 2016. 


She is also a cover model and was featured on the August 2016 cover of CKM Magazine. 

Family of Marta Barczok

She was born and raised in Poland. 

Close associates of Marta Barczok

Other CKM cover models include Horvath Eva, Celia Jaunat, and Andjela Vestica.