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Mariam Fayyaz

About Mariam Fayyaz

Pakistani journalist and television news anchor who left WAQT in 2018 to join Hum News. 

Early life

She started her career as a news reporter for Pakistan s City 42.


She spent time as an anchor at the Urdu language station 7 News.

Family of Mariam Fayyaz

She shared an Instagram photo with her niece Khala in December 2018.

Close associates of Mariam Fayyaz

She found fame as a well-known broadcaster from Pakistan like Sana Bucha.

Selma Lagerlof

About Selma Lagerlof

A Swedish author and recipient of the Nobel Prize in Literature, she is best known for her Wonderful Adventures of Nils book series. Her other literary works include The Changeling, The Outcast, and numerous other novels, short stories, plays, and memoirs.

Early life

She taught at a girls school in her native Sweden during the 1880s and 1890s. She published her first novel, The Story of Gösta Berling, in 1891.


In 1909, she became the first woman to receive the Nobel Prize in Literature.

Family of Selma Lagerlof

She was the fourth child born to Erik and Louise Lagerlöf. In the mid-1890s she fell in love with fellow writer, Sophie Elkan.

Close associates of Selma Lagerlof

Her fantastical novels stood in stark contrast to the realistic work of contemporaries like August Strindberg.



Katie Wilson

About Katie Wilson

Medieval/fantasy gamer and video blogger on the YouTube channel LegendofKatie who has been involved in a number of web series, including The Dark Horse, Walking in Circles, Machinima s Walk of Shame, Beer of Thrones, Six Figures, and Until College.

Early life

She moved out to Los Angeles in 2008 and started getting acting work almost immediately. She was a correspondent on the Hallmark Movie Channel series Planet 360 and has appeared on multiple KTLA travel shows.


She appeared in the SyFy film 2012: Ice Age as well as 3 Times a Charm and Bobby Fischer Live.

Family of Katie Wilson

She was born in Arizona.

Close associates of Katie Wilson

She hosted the Philip DeFranco web series “Like Totally Awesome.”

Stefanie Lunardy

About Stefanie Lunardy

Video content creator on both and YouTube who has earned her largest fan base on Instagram with more than 310,000 followers. She is known on both and Snapchat as StefanieLnrdy.

Early life

She posted a first photo to her Instagram account in August of 2015.


She has earned more than 270,000 fans on TikTok and 130,000 YouTube subscribers.

Family of Stefanie Lunardy

She has a brother named Dennis and sister named Steffi Lunardy.

Close associates of Stefanie Lunardy

She used the Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj song “Side to Side” in a video that celebrating her reaching 100,000 fans on the app.



Tania Riquenes

About Tania Riquenes

Television presenter who found fame as the host of Fox Sports Latinoamérica s Lo Mejor de Fox Sport. She later joined the cast of the TV Azteca morning show Venga la Alegría. 

Early life

She got her start as a model, participating in the Nuestra Belleza México 2006. 


She is an actress who has had roles on shows like Como Dice el Dicho. 

Family of Tania Riquenes

She married Daniel Pérez in 2011. 

Close associates of Tania Riquenes

She was cast alongside Ariadne Diaz on the series Tenías Que Ser Tú.