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Dominick Dunne

About Dominick Dunne

An investigative journalist, writer, and movie producer, he is best known for works such as The Two Mrs. Grenvilles (1985), People Like Us (1988), and The Mansions of Limbo (1991). His work often focused on the legal system and society s reaction to it.

Early life

He and his five siblings were born in Hartford, Connecticut. Early in his career, he became a contributing columnist at Vanity Fair.


He covered such high-profile court cases as the murder trials of O.J. Simpson and the Menendez Brothers.

Family of Dominick Dunne

He was married to Ellen Beatriz Griffin and they had two children together. His actress daughter, Dominique Dunne, was murdered in 1982. He was the brother of screenwriter and journalist, John Gregory Dunne, and the brother-in-law of author Joan Didion.

Close associates of Dominick Dunne

He helped produce The Panic in Needle Park, starring Al Pacino.

Bart Orr

About Bart Orr

Musician and producer who s work is predominantly showcased on his social media. He first started growing in after issuing the “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Challenge” that quickly went viral. 

Early life

He was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. 


He s also served as musical director for his father s church, the Brown Missionary Baptist Church. 

Family of Bart Orr

His father s Pastor Bartholomew Orr and he has a son.

Close associates of Bart Orr

He s placed some of his tracks behind the music of gospel singers Cece Winans and Dorinda Clark-cole. 

Benji Manalo

About Benji Manalo

Filipino television star best recognized for bringing to life Boyet in the 2016 series Wansapanataym. 

Early life

He began his career as a member of the Philippine All-Stars. He would then star in the stage musical Rak of Aegis. 


Grown popular on social media, he earned more than 70,000 followers just on Instagram.  

Family of Benji Manalo

His father is comedian Jose Manalo and his brother is actor Nicco Manalo. He also has three sisters. 

Close associates of Benji Manalo

He appeared in Wansapanataym alongside Zaijian Jaranilla and John Lapus. 

Arturo Alessandri

About Arturo Alessandri

Reformer who served as Chile s President from 1920 to 1925 and then again from 1932 to 1938. He notably created a new constitution as well as a Central Bank for the country.

Early life

He graduated from the University of Chile in 1893 before joining the Liberal Party, and assuming the position of representative of Curicó.


He took a six-month leave of absence while president, which he spent in Italy due to political unrest.

Family of Arturo Alessandri

He married after completing his law studies and had nine children.

Close associates of Arturo Alessandri

His son Jorge Alessandri also served as President of Chile.

Dudley O'Shaughnessy

About Dudley O Shaughnessy

English model known for his runway shows and advertisement campaigns for the Timo Welliand, Jeremy Scott, Michael Michalsky, and United Colors of Benetton fashion brands.

Early life

Before pursuing a modeling career, he was an amateur British boxing champion in the welterweight category.


He appeared in a 2014 episode of Suspects, a popular British Channel Five crime series.

Family of Dudley O Shaughnessy

He grew up in London as the son of a British mother and a Caribbean-Irish father.

Close associates of Dudley O Shaughnessy

He appeared in the 2011 music video for pop singer Rihanna s hit song “We Found Love.”