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Abraham Laboriel Sr.

About Abraham Laboriel Sr.

Prolific session musician who has appeared on more than 4,000 recordings.

Early life

He attended Berklee College of Music and moved to Los Angeles to further his career.


He has performed with many bands, including Friendship and Koinonia.

Family of Abraham Laboriel Sr.

His son is Abe Laboriel Jr.., a fellow musician.

Close associates of Abraham Laboriel Sr.

He has collaborated with a wide variety of artists, including Stevie Wonder.

Harvey Mason Jr.

About Harvey Mason Jr.

Grammy-winning producer and songwriter who worked with Jordin Sparks and Britney Spears.

Early life

He attended the University of Arizona.


He also worked with Toni Braxton. He won six Grammy Awards.

Family of Harvey Mason Jr.

His parents were famed jazz drummer Harvey Mason Sr. and Sally Mason.

Close associates of Harvey Mason Jr.

He was executive producer on More Than a Game, a documentary about LeBron James.

Cliff Sterrett

About Cliff Sterrett

Creator of the comic strip Polly and Her Pals, one of the most innovative comics of its time. Some of his work was included in a Library of Congress exhibition entitled Cartoon America.

Early life

After two years at the Chase Art School in New York, he started doing cartoons and illustrations for newspapers like the New York Times and New York Evening Journal.


He launched Polly and Her Palls through the New York Evening Journal in 1912.

Family of Cliff Sterrett

He was born in Fergus Falls, Michigan.

Close associates of Cliff Sterrett

His famous strip and George Herriman Krazy Kat were considered the epitome of the new Art Deco artistic style in comics.

Barron Hilton

About Barron Hilton

Former Chairman of the Board for Hilton Hotels who was worth over $2.5 billion.

Early life

He was a photographer in the U.S. Navy during WWII and studied airplane engines in college.


He used his fortune to influence sports as the first owner of the Los Angeles Chargers. 

Family of Barron Hilton

He was married to Marilyn June Hawley from 1947 until her death in 2004.

Close associates of Barron Hilton

He was the grandfather of reality celebrity Paris Hilton. 

Kristian Solhaug

About Kristian Solhaug

Instagram comedian who has found great in his native Norway for his absurdist sense of humor. His displays of public nudity, outlandish costumes and attention-grabbing props have earned him more than 40,000 followers so far. 

Early life

He graduated from the University of Stavanger with a Master of Science degree in petroleum engineering. 


He released a physical collection of his Instagram photos called Holder Buret Rent in 2015.

Family of Kristian Solhaug

He married a woman named Lindis in 2017.

Close associates of Kristian Solhaug

Like Halvor Harsem, he is a Norwegian comedian with a popular Instagram account.