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Floyd Patterson

About Floyd Patterson

Two-time heavyweight boxing champion of the world who won a gold medal in the middleweight class at the 1952 Olympics. He compiled a career record of 55-8-1.

Early life

He was a petty thief, which landed him in a reformatory institution.


When he was 21, he became the undisputed heavyweight champion, the youngest to ever earn the title.

Family of Floyd Patterson

He spanorced Sandra Hicks in 1969 when she pushed him to quit boxing.

Close associates of Floyd Patterson

Mike Tyson was just 20 years and 4 months old when he became the WBC Heavyweight Champion of the world, overtaking Patterson as the youngest champion ever.

Dino Georgiades

About Dino Georgiades

Gained fame as a cast member on the hit reality series The Only Way is Essex. He owns and runs a supplement/nutrition company called Grilla Fitness.

Early life

He used to work in London, England as a manager at an investment company.


He previously worked as a fitness and underwear model.

Family of Dino Georgiades

He was born and raised in Essex, England.

Close associates of Dino Georgiades

He and Chloe Sims both gained by starring on The Only Way is Essex.

Florian Delavega

About Florian Delavega

Singer known for being the “Delavaga” of the French duo Frero Delavaga. They gained after appearing on season three of The Voice in France, where they were eliminated in the quarterfinal.

Early life

He studied physical education in college and was working as a PE teacher when he decided to pursue music as a career.


The duo s self-titled debut album was released after their run on The Voice and went double platinum in France.

Family of Florian Delavega

His real name is Florian Garcia and he s dated Argentine singer Natalia Doco.

Close associates of Florian Delavega

Kendji Girac won season 3 of The Voice.

Fernando Colunga

About Fernando Colunga

Mexican telenovela star known for his roles in shows like Amor Real, Esmeralda, and Soy tu dueña.

Early life

He studied civil engineering at the University of Mexico and made his TV debut in 1986.


He played the leading man in María la del Barrio in 1996.

Family of Fernando Colunga

He dated the singer Thalia from 1994 to 1996 and later Aracely Arambula from 2000-2001.

Close associates of Fernando Colunga

Silvia Pinal appeared with him on the telenovela Soy tu dueña.

Dino Angelo Luciano

About Dino Angelo Luciano

Acclaimed chef who won season 8 of MasterChef in 2017, which allotted him a $250,000 prize. He is popular on Instagram with over 80,000 followers. 

Early life

He has suffered from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder since he was 7.


He is a trained ballet dancer, musician, and artist. 

Family of Dino Angelo Luciano

He was born in California but eventually moved to New York. He d later return to California. He learned to cook from his grandmother.

Close associates of Dino Angelo Luciano

He won the approval of chefs like Gordon Ramsay, Aaron Sanchez and Joe Bastianich, which led to his big win.