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Hal Singer

About Hal Singer

R&B and jazz musician who collaborated with a variety of celebrated artists, including Coleman Hawkins. He also played with groups like Rocket 88. 

Early life

He took up tenor saxophone as a teenager and began performing with local bands before moving to New York.


He appeared in the 1990 film Taxi Blues.

Family of Hal Singer

He married a woman named Arlette, with whom he lived in Paris.

Close associates of Hal Singer

He collaborated with many musicians, including Roy Eldridge.

Doug Henning

About Doug Henning

TV magician and escape artist who brought Merlin to Broadway and became known for his groovy mustache and rainbow-colored clothes.

Early life

He performed his fist magic show at age fourteen at a friend s birthday party and was convinced to continue in the profession because of the audience s reaction.


Before learning magic, he studied human psychology in school in order to understand how humans perceive things.

Family of Doug Henning

He married Debby Douillard in 1981.

Close associates of Doug Henning

Harry Houdini blazed the trail ahead of him.

Esteban Vicentini

About Esteban Vicentini

TikTok star and content creator who is best recognized for his lip synch videos as well as his dance clips and other comedy skits that he shares with his over 5 million followers. He is also recognized for his Duets and text-based clips which have also contributed to his over 311 million total likes. 

Early life

He first started posting videos through his TikTok account in April of 2017. He started going viral in December of 2019 when a tutorial on the app Paper IO 2 earned him over 700 thousand views. 


He travelled to the Dominican Republic in January of 2020 and shared photos from the trip through his esteban.vicentini Instagram account, which has earned over 390,000 followers. 

Family of Esteban Vicentini

He shared a photo with his sisters Flori and Camila through his Instagram in February of 2019. 

Close associates of Esteban Vicentini

He posted a Duet with fellow TikTok star and influencer Lucas Nardella through his account in January of 2020. 

Lamar Miller

About Lamar Miller

Running back who made his NFL debut in 2012 for the Miami Dolphins.

Early life

He played college football at the University of Miami, where he was a second-team All-ACC selection in 2011.


He was selected in the 4th round of the 2012 NFL draft.

Family of Lamar Miller

He was born and raised in Miami, Florida, where he went to high school, college, and began his NFL career.

Close associates of Lamar Miller

He was drafted by the Dolphins in the same year as quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

Aron Flam

About Aron Flam

Stand-up comedian as well as film, television, and podcast personality who won the Bungee Comedy competition in 2007. He was also named Rookie of the Year by the Swedish Stand-up Awards. He created the podcast Till slut kommer någon att skratta (Eventually someone will laugh).

Early life

He received a bachelor s degree in film studies from the University of Stockholm before earning his master s in financial economics from the school.


He was featured on the TV3 show Rivalerna and thought he would eventually quit it. He starred on the show Grillad and the comedy series Någonting annat.

Family of Aron Flam

He discusses his Jewish heritage a lot in his comedy. His parents are Eve Meyersohn and economist Harry Flam.

Close associates of Aron Flam

In 2016, he started his own podcast called Dekonstruktiv kritik, which has featured special guests such as philosopher Alexander Bard.