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Lucas Medeiros

About Lucas Medeiros

Brazilian model who has become known for his ad campaigns for brands like Luxury Seller, Aeropostale and Aquaplay. He has been shot by world-renowned photographers like Didio.

Early life

He began his modeling career in 2012.


He was Socialite Life s Male Model of the Week in September 2012.

Family of Lucas Medeiros

He was born in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Close associates of Lucas Medeiros

He is a popular Brazilian model, much like Arthur Sales.



Kevin Mann

About Kevin Mann

American rapper known as Brotha Lynch Hung who has sold nearly 1.5 million albums and is known as one of the innovators of the hardcore rap genre.

Early life

He released his first album in 1993 after beginning to rap in 1986, when he was thirteen years old.


He earned his greatest commercial success with the number-one hip-hop album Loaded in 1997.

Family of Kevin Mann

He became engaged to longtime girlfriend Laura Yvettea Brinson.

Close associates of Kevin Mann

He made a cameo appearance on Tech Nine s music video “KC Tea.”



Kaity Tong

About Kaity Tong

Chinese-American television journalist who became a fixture of New York newscasts in 1981. She is the recipient of several prestigious honors, including the Paul Harris Fellowship from Rotary International.

Early life

She moved to the United States from China at age four and grew up primarily in Washington, D.C..


She has played a news reporter in films like Marci X and Night Falls on Manhattan.

Family of Kaity Tong

She has a son named Philip and married photographer Patrick Callahan.

Close associates of Kaity Tong

She co-anchored the WPIX 10pm newscast with Jack Cafferty from 1992 to 1998.



James Augustus Grant

About James Augustus Grant

Scottish soldier who took part in an expedition to Africa to chart the Nile River.

Early life

As a soldier, he saw action in India during the Sikh Wars.


He was awarded a gold medal by the Royal Geographical Society for his contributions to African geography.

Family of James Augustus Grant

He grew up in Nairn, Scotland.

Close associates of James Augustus Grant

It was John Hanning Speke , Grant s comrade-in-arms from the Sikh Wars, who invited him on his second African expedition.



Hewlett Johnson

About Hewlett Johnson

English priest of the Church of England who, during his lifetime, was the Dean of both Manchester and Canterbury.

Early life

He obtained a Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering from Owens College in Manchester in 1894.


He was known for his unyielding support of the Soviet Union and it s allies and thus obtained the nickname “The Red Dean of Canterbury”.

Family of Hewlett Johnson

His father was a wire manufacturer in Kersal.

Close associates of Hewlett Johnson

He received the Lenin Peace Prize, the Soviet Union s version of the Nobel, in 1950, three years before Pablo Neruda did.