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Nicole Minetti

About Nicole Minetti

Former Italian showgirl turned Instagram star who became famous after being associated with Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. She first became known as having danced on the variety TV show Colorado Cafe and Scorie.

Early life

She began working as a dental hygienist in 2009. Shortly thereafter she worked on Berlusconi, who had two broken teeth.


She was selected as a member of Berlusconi s The People of Freedom Party and on the Regional Council of Lombardy in 2010.

Family of Nicole Minetti

She is of English and Italian descent. Her mother is English dance instructor Georgina Reed. Her father was an Italian businessman.

Close associates of Nicole Minetti

Berlusconi was succeeded by Mario Monti as Prime Minister of Italy.



Mir-hossein Mousavi

About Mir-hossein Mousavi

Affiliated with the Islamic Republican Party until 1987 and with the Green Path of Hope Party beginning in 2009, this Iranian politician held office during the 1980s as his country s Prime Minister. Earlier in his political career, he had served as Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Early life

After graduating from the National University of Tehran, he earned a graduate degree in architecture from the same institution.


He and his wife were placed under house arrest in 2011 for their support of political demonstrations throughout the Middle East.

Family of Mir-hossein Mousavi

His marriage to scholar and fellow Iranian politician Zahra Rahnavard resulted in three daughters: Narges, Zahra, and Kokab.

Close associates of Mir-hossein Mousavi

He served as Prime Minister of Iran during the presidential administration of Ali Khamenei.



Mindi Abair

About Mindi Abair

Smooth jazz saxophone player known for her contributions to a variety of different acts, including Duran Duran.

Early life

She started playing music at a very early age and went to Berklee College of Music; she moved across the country to Los Angeles after she graduated.


She assembled Mandy Moore s first band.

Family of Mindi Abair

She married Jason Steele in April of 2005.

Close associates of Mindi Abair

Abair impressed Steven Tyler so much with her performances on American Idol that he invited her to tour with Aerosmith in 2012.



Aliana King

About Aliana King

Model from Bermuda who is best known for her popular Instagram featuring lifestyle, fashion, and travel content. She also has a very popular TikTok account with more lifestyle and comedy content. She has worked as model in print and commercial ads.

Early life

She began modeling as a 16 year old.


She has amassed over 140,000 followers to her popular Instagram account. She has worked as a model in various countries though she says France is her favorite place to work.

Family of Aliana King

She was born and raised in Bermuda.

Close associates of Aliana King

She is a popular model in the same field as Erika Costell.



Boun Oum

About Boun Oum

Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Laos from 1948 to 1950 and then again from 1960 to 1962. He was exiled in 1975 when the Pathet Lao, a communist, came to power.

Early life

He studied at France s I Ecole de droit.


He was the heir to the Kingdom of Champassack before the monarchy was abolished.

Family of Boun Oum

He married Mom Bouaphanh in 1943; the couple had six sons and three daughters.

Close associates of Boun Oum

He was succeeded by Souvanna Phouma as the Prime Minister of Laos in 1962.