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Lalit Modi

About Lalit Modi

Business executive who became the first ever Chairman and Commissioner of cricket s Indian Premier League. He successfully headed up the tournament from 2008-10. Previously, he was the Chairman of the Champions League.

Early life

He studied electrical engineering and business administration at Pace and Duke Universities.


In 2010, Sports Illustrated named him the 2nd Most Powerful Person in Indian Sports.

Family of Lalit Modi

His father Krishan is a successful entrepreneur and his mother s name is Bina.

Close associates of Lalit Modi

He became a wealthy Indian business tycoon like Azim Premji and Ramalinga Raju.


Mark Steel

About Mark Steel

British stand-up comedian and socialist politician who has been featured on radio and television shows as well as showcasing his writing-talent in printed media. He is best known for presenting The Mark Steel Lectures, which premiered on BBC Radio 4 in 1999.

Early life

He worked in an auto body garage before becoming a full-time comedian.


He was a part of the Socialist Working Party until 2007 and in 2000 he took part in the London Assembly elections on behalf of the London Socialist Alliance.

Family of Mark Steel

He had a daughter and a son from a relationship that ended in 2006.

Close associates of Mark Steel

He was on many BBC Radio shows like Kate Silverton.


Vaughan Lee

About Vaughan Lee

Known for his slick submission skills, he debuted in the UFC in 2011 and won Submission of the Night honors in February 2012 with a spectacular arm bar finish move.

Early life

As a child he saw “The Big Boss” starring Bruce Lee, and it inspired him to learn martial arts.


Prior to joining the UFC, he fought for smaller promotions like Sprawl N Brawl and Cage Gladiators.

Family of Vaughan Lee

He grew up in Birmingham, England.

Close associates of Vaughan Lee

He proclaimed martial arts legend Bruce Lee to be his idol.


Bernard Roberts

About Bernard Roberts

Respected English pianist known for his masterful repertoire that spanned many eras and composers.

Early life

His expertise led him to become a fixture on the festival and lecture circuit.


He was well-known for his nimble handling of Johann Sebastian Bach s Well-Tempered Clavier, Books 1 and 2, a piano recording that was met with acclaim from critics.

Family of Bernard Roberts

He found great pleasure in playing piano trio repertoire with his sons Andrew and Nicholas.

Close associates of Bernard Roberts

He achieved great acclaim for his interpretation of Ludwig van Beethoven s Piano Sonatas.


Carlos García

About Carlos García

MLB second baseman who was an All-Star in 1994 and played in the big leagues from 1990-1999, mostly with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Early life

The Pirates signed him as an amateur free agent in 1987.


His best statistical season came in 1995, when he hit .294 and had an on-base percentage of .340.

Family of Carlos García

He was born in Tachira State, Venezuela.

Close associates of Carlos García

Hit machine Tony Gwynn was his teammate on the 1999 San Diego Padres.