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Curtis Lovell II

About Curtis Lovell II

Magician and escape artist who became recognized for his death-defying escape performances, which include being buried alive, straight jacket escapes, and The Cube of Death.

Early life

After watching his father pull a coin from his ear when he was seven, he became interested in studying magic.


His Halloween night stunt, where he was buried alive, attracted over 2000 spectators in 2012.

Family of Curtis Lovell II

He was born in Washington state.

Close associates of Curtis Lovell II

He once appeared on the E! show The Simple Life, where he cut Paris Hilton in half.


Ryan Buell

About Ryan Buell

Paranormal investigator who became the director and host of the A&E show Paranormal State.

Early life

He formed the Paranormal Research Society while attending Penn State University.


He produced the paranormal film American Ghost Hunter.

Family of Ryan Buell

He grew up with four older sisters and a brother. 

Close associates of Ryan Buell

He and talk show host Art Bell both hosted popular shows based on paranormal activity.


Keil Corcoran

About Keil Corcoran

Drummer, keyboardist and vocalist best known a a member of the American synth-rock group STRFKR. He was previously the drummer for the grindcore band The Weirding Way and the singer for the dance-punk band Flaspar. 

Early life

He grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada before moving to Portland, Oregon and joining STRFKR in 2009.


He has done graphic design work for companies like CardStar.

Family of Keil Corcoran

He was born in the United States.

Close associates of Keil Corcoran

He has covered Cyndi Lauper s “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” during his time in STRFKR. 


Brian Winters

About Brian Winters

Former NBA shooting guard for the Milwaukee Bucks and former head coach on the NBA and WNBA level.

Early life

He played for the University of South Carolina and was drafted 12th overall by the Los Angeles Lakers in 1974.


He was a two-time NBA All-Star in his career and his jersey was retired by the Milwaukee Bucks.

Family of Brian Winters

He had five children with his wife Julie Winters, including professional soccer player Keelin Winters.

Close associates of Brian Winters

He played on the 1974 Los Angeles Lakers with Pat Riley.


Jackie Flynn

About Jackie Flynn

Stand up comedian and actor who appeared in several films including Kingpin, There s Something About Mary, Stuck on You, Me, Myself, and Irene, Mall Cop, The Game Plan, and Here Comes the Boom.

Early life

He grew up in Arlington, Massachusetts, attended the University of Miami, worked in the his family food business, and did stand up comedy in Boston before moving to Los Angeles in 1995.


He won the 1994 San Francisco International Comedy Competition.

Family of Jackie Flynn

He married actress Nikki Tyler-Flynn and has three daughters.

Close associates of Jackie Flynn

He is frequently called upon by directors Peter Farrelly and Bobby Farrelly who together make The Farrelly Brothers.