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Jim Sheridan

About Jim Sheridan

Gained prominence for directing the films My Left Foot, In the Name of the Father, and In America, which have all received Oscar nominations.

Early life

He graduated from University College Dublin.


He was nominated for Best Director at the Academy Awards for the 1989 film My Left Foot and the 1993 film In the Name of the Father.

Family of Jim Sheridan

He is the son of Anne and Pete Sheridan.

Close associates of Jim Sheridan

He directed Daniel Day Lewis in his Oscar-winning performance in My Left Foot.


Alice Sebold

About Alice Sebold

An American fiction and memoir writer, she is best known for her 2002 novel, The Lovely Bones, which tells the story of the rape and murder of a teenage girl. Her 1999 memoir, Lucky, details her own rape.

Early life

She studied creative writing at Syracuse University. She subsequently worked as a waitress in Manhattan while pursuing her writing career.


She once worked as the caretaker of an artists colony and lived in an electricity-less cabin in the woods.

Family of Alice Sebold

She was born in Wisconsin and raised in Pennsylvania. She married Glen David Gold in 2001.

Close associates of Alice Sebold

Her novel, The Lovely Bones, was made into a feature film starring Mark Wahlberg.


Julia Dudko

About Julia Dudko

Blogger best known as the creator of the influential fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog Society Grl. The blog has afforded her the opportunity to work with brands ranging from Versace to Nasty Gal.

Early life

She originally wrote her blog anonymously. She graduated from the University of Washington.


Her blog was named Blog of the Year at the 2014 Seattle Fashion Awards.

Family of Julia Dudko

She often tweets about her mother.

Close associates of Julia Dudko

She has attended fashion shows by big name designers like Tommy Hilfiger.


Peter Allen

About Peter Allen

Australian songwriter and entertainer. His song Arthur s Theme won an Academy Award in 1981.

Early life

He was discovered by Mark Herron, the husband of Judy Garland, while performing in Hong Kong. He was invited to return with Herron to England and the United States.


He and his brother formed a popular cabaret and TV act in the early 1960s, calling themselves the Allen Brothers.

Family of Peter Allen

He married actress Liza Minnelli in 1967. Shortly after their spanorce in 1974, he revealed his homosexuality and began dating model Gregory Connell.

Close associates of Peter Allen

His songs were recorded by Elkie Brooks, Melissa Manchester, and Olivia Newton-John.


Daniel Sosa

About Daniel Sosa

Stand-up comedian as well as comedy video creator for the web who has been featured on Comedy Central España. His stand-up special Sosafado was featured on Netflix.

Early life

He studied communication at Unitec Campus Marina-Cuitláhuac. He began pursuing stand-up around the time he began his collegiate studies.


He worked with Chumel Torres and Carolina Moran in a Casa Comedy TV series called Los Aficionadies.

Family of Daniel Sosa

He is from Mexico City. He has two brothers named Lalo and Sebas. 

Close associates of Daniel Sosa

He did a sit down interview with Eugenio Derbez while playing a character named DJ Erwin.