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Greg Travis

About Greg Travis

Best known for his “David Sleaze, the Punk Magician” comedy and magic act, this entertainer also appeared in dozens of feature films, including Paper Soldiers and Starship Troopers. Also a screenwriter, he penned scripts for HBO, Paramount, and Disney.

Early life

He began his stand-up comedy career as a performer at Los Angeles famous Comedy Store. He went on to produce comedy shorts for Saturday Night Live.


He portrayed Phil Newkirk in the 1995 cult classic film Showgirls.

Family of Greg Travis

A native of Dallas, Texas, he grew up with one sister, film actress Stacey Travis.

Close associates of Greg Travis

His David Sleaze act was featured in Rodney Dangerfield s HBO comedy program.


Yi Sun-sin

About Yi Sun-sin

Remembered best for his 1597 victory at the Battle of Myeongnyang, this Korean military leader earned the title of Naval Commander for his bravery against invading Japanese forces during the late sixteenth-century Imjin War.

Early life

He began his military career as a member of the Bukbyeong army in Korea s northeastern Hamgyeong province.


He was killed in combat during the Battle of Noryang.

Family of Yi Sun-sin

He was born and raised in Hanseong, Korea (present-day Seoul, South Korea), and he grew up as a member of the prominent Deoksu Yi clan.

Close associates of Yi Sun-sin

Numerous historians have likened Sun-sin s skill as a naval commander to that of eighteenth-century British admiral Horatio Nelson.


Vaibhavi Merchant

About Vaibhavi Merchant

Indian choreographer known for her work on hit Bollywood films like Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam and Lagaan.

Early life

She got her start as an assistant to Chinni Prakash.


She won a National Film Award for Best Choreography in 2000 for her work on the film Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam.

Family of Vaibhavi Merchant

Her older sister, Shruti Merchant, is also a choreographer.

Close associates of Vaibhavi Merchant

She and David Dhawan were both judges on the competitive TV series Nach Baliye 3.


Lee Unkrich

About Lee Unkrich

Directed the Academy Award-winning film Toy Story 3 starring Tom Hanks.

Early life

He graduated from the School of Cinematic Arts at USC in 1990.


He co-directed the Disney films Finding Nemo and Toy Story 2.

Family of Lee Unkrich

He had three children with his wife Laura Unkrich.

Close associates of Lee Unkrich

He worked as an editor on Ratatouille starring Patton Oswalt.


Svante Thunberg

About Svante Thunberg

Swedish activist, author, and actor. He is known for having written the book Scener ur hjärtat alongside his wife Malena Ernman and for having starred in the 2002 series Veckans Konsert. 

Early life

He started his career as an actor in the theatrical troupe Riksteatern. He then ventured into television in 1998 when he starred in an episode of the Swedish television series Skärgårdsdoktorn.


He is also known for having travelled on the Malizia II racing yacht when it crossed the Atlantic to visit the Americas. 

Family of Svante Thunberg

He is the father of viral environmental activist Greta Thunberg. 

Close associates of Svante Thunberg

Isak Danielson is a fellow entertainment star who also attended Goteborg University.