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Tom Browne

About Tom Browne

Jazz, funk, and R&B trumpet player known for such 1980s hit songs as “Thighs High (Grip Your Hips and Move)” and “Funkin for Jamaica (N.Y.).”

Early life

He released his debut album, Browne Sugar, in 1979. Early in his career, he often played with renowned saxophonist Sonny Fortune.


His popular albums include Rockin Radio, Love Approach, and Magic.

Family of Tom Browne

He grew up in the Queens neighborhood of New York City.

Close associates of Tom Browne

He and jazz pianist Lonnie Smith became musical collaborators.


Izic Fernandez

About Izic Fernandez

Professional MMA fighter who is also known by his nickname Lion Heart. He is best known for fighting in the lightweight spanision. 

Early life

With a passion for the sport at a young age, he first began fighting in the MMA league in October of 2012 in the featherweight spanision. After practicing and moving up weight classes, he continued to compete and gain attention. 


He is known for his affiliation with the Stand Your Ground MMA Gym. 

Family of Izic Fernandez

He was born and raised in Costa Mesa, California. 

Close associates of Izic Fernandez

As an MMA fighter, he can be seen in comparison to other athletes within the sport including Anderson Silva, Georges St-Pierre, and BJ Penn. 


Claire Sulmers

About Claire Sulmers

Blogger and founder of Fashion Bomb Daily who has been featured on a variety of shows on MTV. She is also known for her work as a brand consultant, public speaker, and author. 

Early life

As a 2003 Harvard graduate, she first began her career interning for Newsweek and New York Magazine. Once she landed a job at Real Simple Magazine, she realized she had a passion for fashion. She launched the website in August of 2006. 


As the founder and editor in chief of Fashion Bomb Daily, for over ten years she has attended New York Fashion Week.

Family of Claire Sulmers

She is of Bahaitian descent.

Close associates of Claire Sulmers

She can be seen photographed with Jasmine Sanders and Jeremy Scott at the Forum in Los Angeles. 


Arthur Abraham

About Arthur Abraham

Armenian boxer who was IBF Middleweight Champion from 2005-09. He is also a former WBO Super Middleweight Champion.

Early life

He was an excellent youth cycler who won the North Bavarian and Franconian Youth Champion.


He made 10 successful defenses of his IBF title, which became the 4th most in IBF history.

Family of Arthur Abraham

His younger brother Alexander is also a professional boxer.

Close associates of Arthur Abraham

He and Florida-born boxer Antonio Tarver have both been IBF Champions.


Simen Agdestein

About Simen Agdestein

Norwegian Chess Champion and International Grandmaster who is equally regarded as a player and a coach.

Early life

He first won a Norwegian National Championship at the age of 15.


He has represented his country seven times at the Chess Olympiad and, in addition to chess, he is also a former professional footballer.

Family of Simen Agdestein

He married Marianne Aasen in 1996.

Close associates of Simen Agdestein

He has coached fellow Norse chess master Magnus Carlsen, perhaps the world s top player.