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My Westerdahl

About My Westerdahl

Health and fitness educator who began advocating for a low carb, low sugar diet after she shed more than 200 pounds. She writes about a variety of health-related issues, including sugar addiction and exercise, on her blog, LCH Fingenjoren. 

Early life

She hails from Gullholmen, Västra Götalands Län, Sweden. She began taking weight loss seriously after her doctor gave her a potential life expectancy of 2 years. 


She co-hosts the podcast Sockersystrar.

Family of My Westerdahl

She has been in a long-term relationship with a man named Martin.

Close associates of My Westerdahl

Like Jacqueline Adan, she shares her weight loss journey on her personal blog. 


Gordon C. Stewart

About Gordon C. Stewart

Publisher and screenwriter, most known as the head of the digital publication

Early life

His mother, a librarian at the University of Chicago, helped him to study there while he was still in high school.


He obtained many degrees from a host of top universities, including the Yale School of Drama.

Family of Gordon C. Stewart

He married Zanne Early in 1995; they had one daughter.

Close associates of Gordon C. Stewart

He wrote a response to a speech by Michelle Obama for CNN.


Harry Tyson Moore

About Harry Tyson Moore

Civil rights activist who founded the first branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People in Brevard County, Florida in 1934.

Early life

His father passed away when he was eight years old, and when his mother could no longer support him he lived with his aunts.


He filed a first lawsuit in the Deep South in 1937, which initiated the movement for equal salaries for black and white teachers in public schools. It failed, but paved the way for other lawsuits to take place.

Family of Harry Tyson Moore

The child of Johnny and Rosalea Moore; he was married to Harriet Vyda Simms Moore.

Close associates of Harry Tyson Moore

Langston Hughes wrote a poem to commemorate his death at the hands of the KKK when the NAACP rallied in New York.


Jimmy Bower

About Jimmy Bower

Heavy metal drummer and guitarist who has played with Down, Crowbar, and Superjoint Ritual, among other acts.

Early life

He was in the band Eyehategod.


He was given the nickname Godfather of Southern Metal.

Family of Jimmy Bower

He grew up in New Orleans.

Close associates of Jimmy Bower

He is a fan of Dimebag Darrell.


Polina Bright

About Polina Bright

Artist who is known for her work in watercolor and pen. She is known for allowing the watercolors to fill the droplets, creating a unique process video. Her subjects often incorporate flowers and other nature elements which she posts to her over 1 million Instagram followers. 

Early life

She first began posting pictures to her Instagram in April of 2014. 


She has made paintings for a variety of companies and brands including the New York Times and Nike. 

Family of Polina Bright

She was born in Moscow, Russia but later moved to Sydney, Australia to pursue a career in art. She married a man named Nick.  

Close associates of Polina Bright

Other artists working out of Australia include Michael Finch, Jimi May, and David Boyd.