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Jawad Williams

About Jawad Williams

Former NBA forward who spent parts of three seasons with the Cleveland Cavaliers from 2008 to 2010. Before and after his time in the NBA, he played in Japan, Turkey, France, and Israel.

Early life

He played college basketball at the University of North Carolina, winning the 2005 National Championship as a senior.


While playing overseas, he won the French Cup in 2013 and the Turkish Cup in 2014.

Family of Jawad Williams

His father was a Golden Gloves Champion boxer and his mother played college basketball, as did both his sisters. His brother was a boxer.

Close associates of Jawad Williams

Five of his teammates from the 2005 UNC team went on to play in the NBA, including Rashad McCants and Raymond Felton.


Jamie Mizrahi

About Jamie Mizrahi

Became the go-to stylist for the young Hollywood set team. She s worked on A-list stars such as Riley Keough, Kate Upton, Suki Waterhouse, Katy Perry and Britney Spears.

Early life

She worked as a stylist for Elizabeth Sulcer following college and then got a job working at Vogue.


She caught her big break when Eva Mendes asked her to accompany her on the press tour for the film Place Behind the Pines.

Family of Jamie Mizrahi

She married Nico Mizrahi in April 2016.

Close associates of Jamie Mizrahi

She appeared alongside her friend Nicole Richie on her VH1 series Candidly Nicole.


Mike Weaver

About Mike Weaver

American boxer who became the first USBA Heavyweight Champion and held the WBA World Heavyweight title from March 1980 to December 1982.

Early life

He served in the United States Marine Corps from 1968 to 1971 and fought in the Vietnam War. It was during this time that he began training as a boxer.


His Round 15 knockout of John Tate in March 1980, which came with just 45 seconds left in the fight, is considered one of the greatest knockouts in Heavyweight history.

Family of Mike Weaver

He has two daughters and a son.

Close associates of Mike Weaver

He defeated Carl Williams via technical knockout in February 1986.


Hannes Meyer

About Hannes Meyer

The second Director of the Bauhaus in Dessau, serving from 1928 until 1930. He was a proponent of Functionalism.

Early life

He was trained as a mason and was an architect in Switzerland, Belgium, and Germany; he served as the Krupp Works department head from 1916 until 1918.


He co-founded the architectural magazine, Contributions in Building, in 1923, with Hans Schmidt, Mart Stam, and Russian cultural ambassador El Lissitzky.

Family of Hannes Meyer

He revealed little about his personal life. He gave 12 motives for building a house, including one s sex life, sleeping habits, pets, gardening, weather protection, car maintenance, and cooking.

Close associates of Hannes Meyer

He was appointed head of the Bauhaus architecture department by Walter Gropius before following him as director.


Vincenzo Peruggia

About Vincenzo Peruggia

Italian criminal who committed one of the most notorious art thefts ever when he stole the world-famous painting the Mona Lisa from The Louvre in August 1911. He was sentenced to one year and seventeen days in prison but ultimately served just seven months for his crime.

Early life

He worked as a handyman and served a short jail sentence for attempted robbery in 1908.


He was caught after he attempted to sell the Mona Lisa to art gallery owner Alfredo Geri, who reported him to the police.

Family of Vincenzo Peruggia

His grandson, Silvio Peruggia, was featured in the 2012 documentary Mona Lisa is Missing.

Close associates of Vincenzo Peruggia

He was portrayed by Vito Scotti in a 1956 episode of the TV show You Are There titled “The Recovery of Mona Lisa.”