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Eric Armenta

About Eric Armenta

Drummer for the electronic band Breathe Carolina, which released its fourth album, Savages, in 2013.

Early life

He began drumming at a young age; Breathe Carolina was formed in 2007.


The band s music is electropop, with rock and hardcore-metal influences.

Family of Eric Armenta

He is from Colorado, and has a brother.

Close associates of Eric Armenta

Breath Carolina was founded in Denver by Kyle Even and David Schmitt.

Ian Bell

About Ian Bell

Batsman known for his Ashes victories with England, awarded an MBE for his performance in 2005, he began playing county cricket for Warwickshire in 1999.

Early life

He made his Test debut in 2004 and was named Emerging Player of the Year by the ICC in 2006.


He became one of very few batsman to have scored a Test century against all active Test-playing nations.

Family of Ian Bell

He married Chantal Louise Bastock.

Close associates of Ian Bell

He succeeded South African cricketer Kevin Pietersen as the ICC s Emerging Player of the Year.

Charlotte Arnold

About Charlotte Arnold

Played Holly J. Sinclair on the teen melodrama Degrassi: The Next Generation She also starred as Sadie Hawthorne in the Canadian series Naturally, Sadie.

Early life

She played Kate in the TV film Giant Mine.


She played Lucinda in the TV movie Harlan County War.

Family of Charlotte Arnold

She grew up with two brothers. She attended Ryerson University, where she majored in broadcast journalism.

Close associates of Charlotte Arnold

She played a role on Degrassi with Jayne Eastwood.



Shraddha Shashidhar

About Shraddha Shashidhar

Beauty queen who was crowned Miss Diva 2017 and chosen to represent India at Miss Universe 2017. She is an accomplished athlete, having been a sprinter and basketball player at the national level. 

Early life

She graduated from Army Public School in Deolali before earning a degree in mass media from the Sophia College for Women in Mumbai. 


She gave a TEDx Talk called “Tailoring Your Road to Success.”

Family of Shraddha Shashidhar

Her father served in the Indian Army. 

Close associates of Shraddha Shashidhar

She and Nehal Chudasama are both former Miss Diva and Miss Universe India winners. 

Bryan Fischer

About Bryan Fischer

Host of the American Family Radio program Focal Point and leader of the American Family Association, a Christian fundamentalist organization. He stirred much controversy with his ultra-conservative commentary on such issues as same-sex marriage, universal health care, and abortion rights.

Early life

After graduating from Stanford University s philosophy department, he attended the Dallas Theological Seminary.


In late 2010, as a result of what the Southern Poverty Law Center deemed to be highly bigoted statements by Fischer, Fischer s American Family Association was officially designated a hate group.

Family of Bryan Fischer

He and his wife, Debbie, raised two children.

Close associates of Bryan Fischer

Fischer featured Peter Duesberg, a controversial figure and well-known HIV/AIDS denialist, on a 2012 Focal Point program.