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Julissa Villanueva

About Julissa Villanueva

Fitness influencer and model who has gained fame on TikTok for sharing workouts for her fanbase of 800,000. She occasionally posts videos featuring her mother and does choreography to hit songs.

Early life

She launched her TikTok in January 2020, and started consistently making fitness centered content in April 2021.


She studied industrial engineering in college, but decided to pursue her passion for fitness after graduation.

Family of Julissa Villanueva

She posted a photo with her boyfriend at the beach in April of 2020, honoring their relationship and memories togethe.

Close associates of Julissa Villanueva

She created a dancing duet with her sister and TikTok creator Estefania set to the song “Me perdiste” featuring rapper Casper Mágico.



Michel de Certeau

About Michel de Certeau

French philosopher best known for his work on the theme of religion.

Early life

He obtained a degree in the classics from the University of Grenoble.


His novel The Writing of History was published and translated into English after his death.

Family of Michel de Certeau

His family was residing in Chambéry, France, when he was born.

Close associates of Michel de Certeau

He claimed that Sigmund Freud was one of his principal inspirations.



Luis Venegas

About Luis Venegas

Spanish editor, publisher, and entrepreneur, who has gained fame working with luxury fashion brands, photographing celebrities, and being a proud proponent of the LGBTQ community. 

Early life

His career in photography and fashion began when he moved to Paris in 1996 to work with Thierry Mugler.


He has worked as the editor and publisher of  publications such as Fanzine137, EY!, Megateen, Candy, and more. 

Family of Luis Venegas

He was born and raised in Vitoria, Spain. 

Close associates of Luis Venegas

He has had stars like James Franco and Miley Cyrus grace the covers of his various publications. 

Maddie Larson

About Maddie Larson

American gymnast who first captured the hearts of gymnastics fans when she was featured on a Colorado news station at just 4 years old. Her achievements include becoming the floor, bars and AA champion at the Colorado State Championships. 

Early life

She began her gymnastics career at age 2, training with Colorado Aerials Gymnastics in Colorado Springs. 


She has posed for Instagram photos with famous gymnasts like Maile O Keefe. 

Family of Maddie Larson

She has sisters. Her mother has worked for the athletic clothing brand ivivva. 

Close associates of Maddie Larson

She cites Shawn Johnson as her favorite gymnast. 

Jeremy Martin

About Jeremy Martin

Professional motocross rider who was champion of the 250 Pro Motocross two years in a row. In 2016 he began riding for GEICO Honda.

Early life

He turned pro in 2012.


He became wildly popular on Instagram and Facebook with more than 290,000 followers on the former and 30,000 followers on the latter.

Family of Jeremy Martin

He was born to John and Greta Martin who owned a motocross track. His older brother is motocross rider Alex Martin. He also has a sister named Jennifer.

Close associates of Jeremy Martin

His GEICO Honda teammates include Justin Bogle and Christian Craig.