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Cassandra Sage Briskman

About Cassandra Sage Briskman

Author as well as actress who has appeared in a number of shows, including Nickelodeon s Bella and the Bulldogs.

Early life

She starred as Calliope in a short film called Headache created for the 48 Hour Film Project.


She has studied acting at both New York University and the Stella Adler Conservatory in NYC. In 2016, she published the young adult novel If You Wish.

Family of Cassandra Sage Briskman

She moved to Los Angeles when she was three years old, and it has been her home ever since.

Close associates of Cassandra Sage Briskman

She has appeared alongside Jackie Radinsky in two separate projects. Once on Bella and the Bulldogs, and once in the short film The New Kid.



Scream 5

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Fifth installment of the Scream franchise, and the first to not have been directed by Wes Craven. A young woman returns to her hometown only to discover a string of grisly murders that are connected to a certain masked killer. Many of the franchise s stars were set to reprise their iconic roles. 


The late Wes Craven began developing a fifth Scream film as early as 2011. Filming was originally scheduled to begin in 2020, but was delayed due to the Coronavirus pandmeic.

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Gordon Beckham

About Gordon Beckham

Second baseman who was named the American League Rookie of the Year by Sporting News with the Chicago White Sox in 2009.

Early life

He was an All-State quarterback and free safety while leading The Westminster Schools to an undefeated football season his senior year.


He was an All-American, SEC Player of the Year and NCAA Player of the Year finalist at the University of Georgia.

Family of Gordon Beckham

He has two younger sisters, Gwen and Grace.

Close associates of Gordon Beckham

He attended the University of Georgia the same time as future NFL starting quarterback Matthew Stafford.



Michelle Nunn

About Michelle Nunn

In 2014, this Democratic Party politician launched an unsuccessful campaign for a Georgia seat in the United States Senate. Before beginning her political career, she headed the non-profit organizations Points of Light and HandsOn Network.

Early life

She spent her childhood years in Georgia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C., and earned a bachelor s degree in history from the University of Virginia. She later received her Master s of Public Administration degree from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.


She earned the 2010 Global Ambassador of Youth Award.

Family of Michelle Nunn

Her mother, Colleen Ann O Brien Nunn, worked for both the State Department and the CIA, and her father, Sam Nunn, was a United States Senator. Her marriage to businessman Ron Martin resulted in children named Elizabeth and Vinson.

Close associates of Michelle Nunn

She and Hank Johnson are both Democratic Party politicians from Georgia.

Shanda Rogers

About Shanda Rogers

Fashion blogger, artist and model who became best known as an influencer on Instagram by earning more than 600,000 followers.

Early life

She launched her self-titled fashion blog in March of 2015.


She developed an eye for interior design. Her growing Instagram presence led her to sponsor brands in her posts.

Family of Shanda Rogers

Her mom has modeled alongside her on Instagram.

Close associates of Shanda Rogers

She and Elaine Bradley share an exact date of birth.