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Jimmy Reiher Jr.

About Jimmy Reiher Jr.

Former professional wrestler, most known for performing under the stage names Sim Snuka and Deuce with the WWE.

Early life

Prior to getting involved with wrestling, he worked as both a youth counselor and a TV cameraman.


In 2008, he was ranked by Pro Wrestling Illustrated as #165 on the Best 500 Singles Wrestlers in the PWI 500.

Family of Jimmy Reiher Jr.

His father Jimmy Snuka was also a professional wrestler.

Close associates of Jimmy Reiher Jr.

He and Stacy Keibler both held contracts with the WWE.



Abdul Jolil

About Abdul Jolil

Late member of the Bangladesh Awami League who held office in National Parliament from 2001 to 2006. He represented the Naogaon District in Parliament.

Early life

He graduated from the University of Dhaka.


He was also the first Chairman of Mercantile Bank Limited.

Family of Abdul Jolil

He had four children with his wife Rehana Jalil.

Close associates of Abdul Jolil

He publicly criticized Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina before his death.



Mauro Picotto

About Mauro Picotto

DJ and producer known for his work in the electronic music genre. He belonged to a Eurodance band called Cappella and recorded such solo techno songs as “Lizard” and “Pulsar.”

Early life

One of his early tracks, “We Gonna Get,” became a hit on music charts in several European countries.


He won multiple awards for his work, including Danish and German Dance Awards for “Best International DJ.”

Family of Mauro Picotto

He was raised in Cavour, Italy and came from a long line of dancers and stonemasons.

Close associates of Mauro Picotto

He collaborated with techno DJ Tiesto.

Edwin Rawlings

About Edwin Rawlings

For his service before, after, and during World War II, this United States Air Force officer earned a Soldier s Medal, the Distinguished Service Medal, and the Distinguished Flying Cross. At the conclusion of the war, he led the Air Material Command at Ohio s Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

Early life

After earning a bachelor s degree in economics from Hamline University, he began his career with the United States Air Force. He later returned to school and received a business degree from Harvard.


Upon retiring from the Air Force, he served as President of the General Mills food products corporation.

Family of Edwin Rawlings

He was born and raised in Milroy, Minnesota, and he later settled in Auburn, Washington.

Close associates of Edwin Rawlings

He and Nathan Farragut Twining both served in the United States Air Force during the World War II years.



Francesca Monfrinatti

About Francesca Monfrinatti

Fashion designer who worked for Carlos Miele, Schutz, and Daslu at São Paulo Fashion Week. She has more than 290,000 followers on her francesca Instagram account. 

Early life

She studied Fashion Business at Anhembi Morumbi College and Fashion Design at the Istituto Marangoni in Milan.


She started the blog Shoe Lover in 2008.

Family of Francesca Monfrinatti

She married her husband Marcello Maksoud in 2013. 

Close associates of Francesca Monfrinatti

She and Viviane Orth have both attended São Paulo Fashion Week.