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Gading Marten

About Gading Marten

Indonesian TV host and actor. In 2016, he played the role of Doni in the film Me vs Mami and he appeared in the comedy film Hangout. 

Early life

He graduated with a bachelor degree in Management from Atmajaya University Jakarta in 2005. 


He used to play for the football team Persitara North Jakarta before becoming an entertainer. 

Family of Gading Marten

His father, Roy Marten, and his brother, Gibran Marten, are both actors. He married singer Gisella Anastasia in 2013 and had his daughter Gempita Nora in 2015. 

Close associates of Gading Marten

He played Karyawan in the 2016 film Get Married 3 starring Fedi Nuril. 



Derek Grant

About Derek Grant

Drummer of the punk band Alkaline Trio who drummed with other groups like Walls of Jericho and Telegraph.

Early life

He used to be a member of The Suicide Machines.


He released a song called “The Purple Trilogy.”

Family of Derek Grant

He grew up playing the drums.

Close associates of Derek Grant

He has toured with Benji and Joel Madden from Good Charlotte.

DJ Aries

About DJ Aries

DJ and producer who became an integral member in the jungle and reggae genres of music. He fronted the first international reggae jungle crew known as Chopstick Dubplate.

Early life

He got start as a DJ in the 1990s working for Pirate Radio in his hometown.


He s collaborated with many artists such as Top Cat, David Boomah, Solo Banton and Demolition Man.

Family of DJ Aries

He hails from Birmingham, London.

Close associates of DJ Aries

His music has received radio play from BBC s Zane Lowe.

Jere Burns

About Jere Burns

Portrays the role of Jake Abernathy on the TV series, Bates Motel with Freddie Highmore.

Early life

He graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst where he shortly landed the role of Don Juan in the New York Shakespeare festival.


He played the role of Wynn Duffy on the FX TV series, Justified with Nick Searcy.

Family of Jere Burns

He has married several times, and married Leslie Cohen in 2008.

Close associates of Jere Burns

He had a recurring role of Burn Notice with Jeffrey Donovan.



Marvin Gay Sr.

About Marvin Gay Sr.

Best known as the father and murderer of recording artist Marvin Gaye. He killed his son following an argument between the two on April 1, 1984.

Early life

According to his wife Alberta, his childhood was filled with violence, domestic abuse, and shootings in his family.


As a preacher at a Pennsylvanian church, he impressed the congregation enough to be later named Bishop.

Family of Marvin Gay Sr.

He was married to Alberta Gay from 1935 until 1984 when they spanorced.

Close associates of Marvin Gay Sr.

His son Marvin Gaye was a highly successful and Grammy Award winning singer.