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Daniel Marshall Wheeler

About Daniel Marshall Wheeler

Professional wrestler who performed under the stage name Dash Wilder. He is widely known for having been one half of the two time NXT Tag Team Champions known as The Revival.

Early life

He spent a number of years performing in the U.S. independent circuit under the alias Steven Walters.


Several of his signature moves included the chop block, the shin breaker, and the European uppercut.

Family of Daniel Marshall Wheeler

He is originally from Raleigh, North Carolina.

Close associates of Daniel Marshall Wheeler

He performed alongside fellow wrestler Scott Dawson as The Revival.


Breana Clough

About Breana Clough

Famous Tiktok dancer, model and vlogger documenting daily life on YouTube.

Early life

She is from Broward, Florida. Her first Instagram post was in early 2019 and featured professional style photography.


Her YouTube channel has 40,000 followers, and it began in March of 2021.

Family of Breana Clough

She doesn t tag her family on social media, but she doesn spend alot of time creating content with her partner Jake. 

Close associates of Breana Clough

She posts vlogs with Jake Johnson, including Q+A s and pranks on Tiktok.


Doughboy Roc

About Doughboy Roc

Artist known for the hip-hop group Doughboyz Cashout signed by Corporate Thugz Entertainment, a label founded by rapper Young Jeezy.

Early life

Young Jeezy signed Doughboyz Cashout in early 2013.


He has a significant Instagram following with over 70,000 followers.

Family of Doughboy Roc

He is from Detroit, Michigan.

Close associates of Doughboy Roc

Rapper Slick Pulla, like Doughboyz Cashout, is also signed to the CTE World label.


Amanda Clavon

About Amanda Clavon

Social media star who is famous for her amanduhhclavon Instagram account. She has gained there for her personal modeling and beauty photoblogging. 

Early life

She began her Instagram account in June 2017. 


She has seen her Instagram account grow to boast more than 60,000 followers. She has also run her own All Things Amanda beauty vlogging YouTube channel. 

Family of Amanda Clavon

She was born in Miami Beach, Florida but raised in Michigan. She would later relocate to Los Angeles in 2014 to pursue her modeling career. She runs the YouTube channel Amanda & Maddy with her husband Madison Clavon. She and Madison welcomed a daughter in July 2020. She previously dated Ryan Johnston. 

Close associates of Amanda Clavon

She is a popular Instagrammer from Florida like Gabriela Gonzalez. 


Lil Jon

Lil Jon

Name Lil Jon
Profession Rapper
Date of Birth 1971-01-17
Place of Birth Atlanta, GA
Death Date
Birth Sign Capricorn

About Lil Jon

Southern rapper who became known for his time performing with Lil Jon & The East Side Boys, and for his song “Snap Yo Fingers.”

Early Life Experience of Lil Jon

After graduating from Frederick Douglass High School, he took his first steps into music as a DJ in his home town of Atlanta.

Trivia Info

He earned commercial success in 2004 with the album Crunk Juice, which reached #3 on the U.S. Billboard 200.

Family Life and Relationship

He married Nicole Smith in 2004 and the couple had one son named Nathan.

Close Associates

He was featured on Usher s chart topping single “Yeah.”