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Abraham Mateo

About Abraham Mateo

Spanish pop singer and music producer who released his self-titled debut album in 2009. His 2014 album Who I Am hit #1 on the charts in Mexico and Spain, earning him a Platinum certification. He has released singles like “Señorita” and “Girlfriend.” He collaborated on the hits “Me Vuelvo Loco” with CNCO and “Se Acabo el Amor” with Jennifer Lopez and Yandel.

Early life

He first sang in public when he was seven years old at a music competition. He signed with EMI Music Spain at the age of 10.


He won the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award for Best Spanish Artist in 2014 and 2017. 

Family of Abraham Mateo

His older brother Tony is also a singer. His parents are named Susana and Antonio.

Close associates of Abraham Mateo

He s collaborated with renowned artists such as Becky G, Farruko, Austin Mahone, Lali Espósito and Sofía Reyes, amongst others. 


About Lachlan

Aussie gamer known for posting Fortnite-related content on his self-titled channel, which has earned more than 14 million subscribers. He formerly shared Minecraft-focused videos, as well. He is also the creator of the well-known Pixelmon server Pokeballers. 

Early life

He created his YouTube channel, which was originally titled CraftBattleDuty, in March 2013. 


He has been given a variety of nicknames by his fans, including “The Lachers,” “Little Lachy” and “JagBattleDuty.” He created a secondary gaming channel called Lachlan Playz, which features Let s Plays.

Family of Lachlan

He was born Lachlan Ross Power. He has a brother named Mitch, who has also played Minecraft, and a sister named Jackie. He dated model Morgan Kriz.

Close associates of Lachlan

He became friends with fellow Minecraft YouTuber JeromeASF. 

Jack Pop

About Jack Pop

Comedy content creator and YouTube personality recognized for his signature off-beat and zany humor. He has more than 600,000 subscribers on his self-titled channel.

Early life

He introduced his channel with the 2018 video, “Welcome To JackPop!” The intro video has been viewed more than 250,000 times.


His most popular video, “That guy whose humor hasn t changed since 2016” has been viewed in excess of 7 million times. 

Family of Jack Pop

His real name is Jack Thomas. He has a dog named Charles. 

Close associates of Jack Pop

Both he and PewDiePie found fame through YouTube videos. 

Bridgette West

About Bridgette West

Fiancee of YouTube personality Michael Green, who is frequently seen in Angry Grandpa videos. She has her own self-titled YouTube channel as well, which has over 290,000 subscribers.

Early life

She started appearing in Angry Grandpa videos in 2010.


She and Michael pulled a prank on Michael s father when they told him she was pregnant.

Family of Bridgette West

She is from North Charleston, South Carolina. Her parents are Cindy and Doug. She and her fiance Michael met through MySpace. In November 2019, they welcomed their daughter Mia Nicole. In December of 2020 she announced that she was expecting a second child. In August 2021 the couple welcomed a son named Michael Robert Charles.

Close associates of Bridgette West

Michael s father Charles is Angry Grandpa.

Shabazz Pbg

About Shabazz Pbg

Notable for mixtapes such as Trap Brovas and Curb Service, he is a rapper who is part of a collective called Pakk Boyz. He released a hit 2016 single called “If You Need It.”

Early life

He released a first official mixtape titled Pints & Zips in December of 2015.


He dropped an EP called Rush Hour a month after releasing his debut mixtape.

Family of Shabazz Pbg

He is from Seat Pleasant, Maryland and has resided in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Close associates of Shabazz Pbg

He and Q Da Fool collaborated as their careers were getting off the ground.