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Kamibekami (Wiki and Facts)

Kamibekami (Wiki and Facts)


Music is a language that doesn t speak in particular words. It speaks in emotions, and if it s in the bones, it s in the bones, There are many artists in the field of music who are trying to improve themselves and develop the global music market, one of these artists is Kamibekami. He is not someone who in order to achieve success pushes down others. In fact, he is someone who loves the idea of inspiring people. Whether it may be his followers who were inspired to do something challenging, or rising musicians who were motivated to create new music. Kamibekami loves to be a source of inspiration for everyone. He has inspired many people in the field of music.

Before Fame

Kambiz Noorollahi was born on September 7, 1988 in Tehran, Iran, He is an Iranian music producer and composer, He believe to hard work always pays off, it may take 3-5 years to move up just a little, this a marathon not a sprint. He think always go above and beyond when it comes to doing something that you love doing, this is because I adore my music work and songs so much, it doesn t even feel like a work to me; which is a blessing and very important to me.

Professional Work

Kamibekami has been interested in music since he was a child. He has been interested in instruments, especially guitars, since he was a child and tried to learn them, Kamibekami has a calm personality but a lot of musical intelligence; This admirable personality of Kamibekami reflected on the music he produced. He had released several albums and one of the latest is “Firewall”. This Electronic Dance Music (EDM) has been streamed all over the world today. Kamibekami s listeners have no specific range of demographics because almost everyone, regardless of age, is streaming his creation. His albums are available on Spotify, Apple music and other music streaming platforms.

Kamibekami said in one of his interviews: “Electronic music comes from the depths of my heart, this style is a part of my being that has been with me since childhood, when I work with FL Studio and start making music, time stops for me and I do not notice the passage of time. My main goal is to present pieces that fill the soul and the state of mood in human beings and cheer up the human soul for a moment.“

His latest album is a real “firewall” that when you cross it (listen to the songs) You will no longer be the previous human; A greater understanding of the elements of nature, and the spiritual atmosphere of the format on the album adds to this mood, Raw emotions are a common thread throughout the Kamibekami s album; In August, I brought out the first single from the “Red Cube” track of EP album; This music is in the style of Slap House; Which uses the Iranian Setar instrument, Also essentially about the things It grows your soul.

Record Label
He has make a record label in 2019 under the name “NRL RECORDS” and said: “My whole effort is to be able to introduce great artists to the people and to be a big record label of the works of great artists.”

Kamibekami is an artist who will soon make a lot of noise in the world of music and We will hear more about him in the coming years…

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faranhasani, a Young Iranian Actor, Entrepreneur and Digital Influencer




( born 26/04/2000) is an Iranian Actor and Singer.


Personal Life :


faranhasani is a young and successful actor in Iranian cinema who has started acting since he was a child. He was born on jun 26, 2000, in rafsanjan , Iran and was raised in Tehran. In 2017, he migrated to Turkey after he saw opportunities to make money, eventually getting into marketing.



faranhasani is active in various fields


Among his recent activities:


Social media marketing expert: Working in this field is one of his main interests, with extensive marketing and the power to make plans for his own business or that of others, he creates the best opportunities. faranhasani is a bit powerful in this matter as if he was created for this job!


Acting: faranhasani is also active in the field of acting. Some of his new works in Iranian cinema: Rahman 1400, Texas 2, The Good, the Bad, the Corney 2, About Elly And 10 more


Singing: faranhasani is active in singing in the hip hop/rap genre and his latest song is called Tak. This music has been published and approved in more than one hundred world music media


business management: Business activity is the main work of faranhasani. In 2020, he was selected as the youngest and best businessman in Iran and received a plaque of appreciation.


Food trade: It has recently entered the food trade business in Central Asia and the Middle East and has purchased many cargo ships.


  1. faranhasani has been interviewed several times infamous media such as, BBC, Fox News, CNN that, all documents of which are available in cyberspac
Alireza Kohany (Wiki and Facts)

Alireza Kohany (Wiki and Facts)

Alireza Kohany (Persian: علیرضا کهنی) is an emerging Musician, Composer, DJ, and Music Producer from Iran. He is known for his vibrant music and amazing personality.

Alireza brings various cultural influences in his music which helped him grow. He uses his lyrical versatility and life experiences to break into the mainstream public eye. His main goal while creating music is to leave the listener with a feeling of joy and positivity. The feeling that makes them want to come back and listen over and over again .His obsession with aesthetics and minimalism is an endless road he pursues, the simple lifestyle that he desires only helps him dim down the complexities that he only wishes to express.

Bеіng passionate аbоut his work аnd аlwауѕ wanted tо carve а niche fоr himself іn life, wаѕ thе spark thаt ignited him to pursue his dreams and passion. He has a giant fan following across social media. He has been continually dropping music and growing his fan base independently. He likes to blend different genres in his Music. You may even see him in upcoming modeling shoots.

Alireza hails from Tehran, Iran. His age is around 28 years old as of 2021 and he is Iranian by Nationality. His date of birth is 18th, June 1993. His zodiac sign is Gemini.

While Growing up, he was surrounded by various influences in Music. His parents were also very fond of music and have always played a wide array of music around the house.

His passion to deliver something new and something better has driven him over the years and is the key to his success & perseverance.

He is a man with a proactive approach and has painted the canvas of his dream with the colors of his consistent and persistent efforts.

Alireza rising is very much deserved by the young man not only because of his talent but because of his dedication and hard work.

Singers like Alireza have taken music to a whole new level. He takes time to make sure his music is something that isn t forgotten.

He keeps updating about his new release over his Instagram.

He aims to push the boundaries of music by engulfing his ethnic roots and intertwining them with his grasp on western music culture.

You can also check out his music on Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Youtube Music, Apple Music & Soundcloud

And he likes to draw different influences from different styles in his music and is not limited to one genre

He runs a Youtube Channel where he uploads music videos and teasers

Physical Appearance
He is Smart and Cute. He is getting highly popular among the youth as his music grows. He is approximately 185 cm tall and weighs around 85 Kgs. He has a lean build and blue eyes/brown hair.

His Instagram id is alirezakohany.
His Instagram has 2m+ followers.
He has worked in two movies.
He has a very business-oriented mindset and continues to make money using his knowledge and skillset.
He has a promising career with a strong social media presence and is a force to reckon with in the music Industry
He has written two books that are available over Amazon.
Alireza is passionate about making dreams come true and hopes to inspire a lot of passionate minds
He has been featured in Several Top Magazines & Articles
He uses his music as a platform to provide inspiration for independent artists.
He is also a firm believer in freedom of artistry and the notion that music is one of the best tools to communicate.

All in all, Alireza is more than an artist, he is a brand, entrepreneur, & force to be reckoned with in the music industry.