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Photographer | Srdjan Vujmilovic

Name Srdjan Vujmilovic
Profession Photographer
Date of Birth 1994-03-14
Place of Birth Banja Luka,
Bosnia And Herzegovina
Death Date
Birth Sign Pisces

About Srdjan Vujmilovic

Award winning architecture and landscape photographer from Bosnia-Herzegovina. He is the co-founder of Visio Travel, a travel and photography blog that he runs with his girlfriend. His work has appeared in several exhibitions around the world. He has 40,000 followers on Instagram. 

Early Life Experience of Srdjan Vujmilovic

He started pursuing photography in 2012. 

Trivia Info

He has been published in magazines such as Practical Photography Magazine, Photography Masterclass Magazine, Discovery Channel and National Geographic. 

Family Life and Relationship

He began dating Nina Gvozden in 2012. 

Close Associates

Sendi Skopljak and Elma Beganovich are also travel bloggers from Bosnia-Herzegovina.