Rupert, King of Germany

Rupert, King of Germany

Name Rupert, King of Germany
Profession King
Date of Birth 1970-01-01
Place of Birth Germany
Age 58 yrs
Death Date 1410-05-18
Birth Sign Taurus

About Rupert, King of Germany

For the last ten years of his life, this member of the prominent House of Wittelsbach served as King of Germany. 

Early Life Experience of Rupert, King of Germany

The child of Beatrice of Aragaon and Elector Palatine Rupert II, he was born in Bavaria’s Upper Palatinate region and raised primarily in a Dominican monastery near Worms, Germany.

Trivia Info

At the end of the fourteenth century, he became a key member of a German governing body known as the Electoral Palatinate.

Family Life and Relationship

His marriage to Elisabeth of Hohenzollern resulted in six sons and three daughters, including Count Palatine John of Neumarkt and Margaret of the Palatinate.

Close Associates

Several centuries apart, he and Frederick William IV both ruled Germany.

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