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List of Verified Famous people with ESFP MBTI Personality type

Sensory-Ethical Extratim – ESFp (The Ambassador)
Based upon original work by Victor Gulenko with some alterations

ESFp s usually have a smooth oval facial structure, which is mainly free of projections with the exception of the nose, which can be quite large. Their eyes normally show great alertness and seem to be constantly in motion. They seem to slide over people and objects creating the impression that ESFp s are trying to better sense their surroundings. The eyes themselves are almost never deeply set.

The lower part of ESFp s faces often seems heavy. When walking or moving some ESFp s may create the impression that they are walking through water. Ironically this applies mainly to more slender ESFp s. Their larger, heavier counterparts are usually far more agile and nimble.

ESFp s usually wear original, brightly coloured, eye-catching clothes and accessories in order to attract attention to themselves. This is especially applicable to females. They are often influenced by the latest fashions, but will not wear something if they feel it will not suit them. – src

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Famous SEE \ ESFp s: 

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