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INFj s have a very characteristic dispassionate facial expression. This is often reminiscent of the depiction of saints and martyrs from early Christian icons. Their faces convey the feeling that their soul is suffering even when it is not. INFj s faces are often perfect ovals but can be rectangular in shape as well. Their noses are usually straight and slightly elongated, but not prominent.

INFj s do not show intense positive emotions, instead they simply smile. All their facial expressions openly reproach nefarious happenings. The same can be noticed in their intonation. In many cases INFj s have a slim, ascetic figure. Their movements are often quite harsh although not lacking mobility. INFj s with more fuller figures are less mobile and active. When walking, INFj s may keep their feet close and parallel to the ground, maintaining a short distance between each step.

INFj s are generally very modest, which is also noticeable in their choice of clothes. However from time to time they may wear something very flashy according to the latest fashion especially is noticeable in males. INFj s prefer to observe people for sometime before making contact in order to identify social hierarchy in a group. Normally INFj s do not show initiative when making contact for the first time.

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