INTp’s often have a characteristic round-shouldered posture. Their necks are often not as well proportioned as other types and their heads seem to strain forwards. Their eyes have a sorrowful look about them as if they are about to be victimised in some way. Their noses are somewhat aquiline in shape which combined with often flattened cheekbones giving the false impression that their noses are large.

During conversation INTp’s may project their lower lips forward. INTp’s often show poor control of their lower jaw, allowing them to hang down. INTp’s normal facial expressions usually reflect wisdom and great life experience or sadness and victimisation. Although INTp’s are introverts, some of them may behave in a very extroverted manner.

INTp’s with more developed aesthetic taste are neat and tidy. They look after their clothes which they know well how to compose and combine. When they interact with others they are softly spoken and unobtrusive, leaving others the impression that they are intelligent and educated. When asking someone for something, they usually do it in such a way as to rarely be denied.


ILI \ INTp Faces Example: 

Famous ILI \ INTp‘s:

List of Verified Famous people with INTP MBTI Personality type

Robert Kiyosaki

About Businessman, author, and motivational speaker best known for his Rich Dad Poor Dad series of self-help books. Before Fame ...
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Dikembe Mutombo

Name Dikembe Mutombo Profession Basketball Player Date of Birth 1966-06-25 Place of Birth Kinshasa, DR Congo Age Death Date Birth ...
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Bo Burnham

Name Bo Burnham Profession Comedian Date of Birth 1990-08-21 Place of Birth Hamilton, MA Age Death Date Birth Sign Leo ...
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Stephen King

Name Stephen King Profession Novelist Date of Birth 1947-09-21 Place of Birth Portland, ME Age Death Date Birth Sign Virgo ...
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John Tyler

Name John Tyler Profession US President Date of Birth 1790-03-29 Place of Birth Virginia Age 71 yrs Death Date 1862-01-18 ...
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James Madison

Name James Madison Profession US President Date of Birth 1751-03-16 Place of Birth Port Conway, VA Age 85 yrs Death ...
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Marie Curie – Physicist

Name Marie Curie Profession Physicist Date of Birth 1867-11-07 Place of Birth Warsaw, Poland Age 66 yrs Death Date 1934-07-04 ...
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Albert Einstein

Name Albert Einstein Profession Physicist Date of Birth 1879-03-14 Place of Birth Ulm, Germany Age 76 yrs Death Date 1955-04-18 ...
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