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Identification Methods

Identification by tests

This is a very popular method. The personality tests are usually based on four scales of preferences: Introversion vs. Extroversion, Thinking vs. Feeling, Intuition vs. Sensing and Judging vs. Perceiving. The person is given a list of questions and a choice of answers. In the end the answers are tallied showing the person s preference in each of the four scales. These four preferences will identify their Psychological Type.

Advantages of the method: usually no experience is required; can easily be converted to use internationally.

Disadvantages of the method: has medium to low reliability; requires willingness and some time from the participant in order to complete the test.

Analytical method

The concept of this method is very similar to type identification by tests and is based on a good knowledge and understanding of the four scales of preferences mentioned above. The elimination of one half of a scale immediately halves the number of possible combinations: from sixteen to eight, then from eight to four, from four to two and finally from two to one.

Advantages of the method: flexible; can be used during conversation.

Disadvantages of the method: requires some analytical abilities; reliability of results is directly proportional to experience.

Visual identification

This method is based on the principle that people of the same Psychological Type have similar body structures, facial expressions, facial structures and eyes. Socionics experts use the visual method of personality identification as a main method (wherever possible) and all other methods for assistance.

Advantages of the method: instant identification; the quickest and most reliable of all known methods; no need for personal involvement; allows remote identification and identification by photographs;

Disadvantages of the method: practical application requires a great deal of experience and training; the identification process can be complicated by racial differences.

Behavior analysis

This method works especially well with familiar people such as friends, family members, classmates, co-workers, etc. This method is based on long term observations of a person s behavior in different situations. Results can then be compared with Type profiles for a possible match. Someone who has memorized the type profiles will easily be able to notice prominent aspects in other s behavior that will help them to relate people to one of the sixteen Types. People s reactions, especially in unusual and extraordinary situations, make this method quite reliable.

Advantages of the method: quite reliable; suitable for beginners.

Disadvantages of the method: good knowledge of the subject to be identified is required.

Relative method

This method is based on the recognition of the type of relations between a person whose Type has been identified and a person whose Type is unknown. Using the formula: TYPE1 + TYPE2 RELATIONS it is possible to calculate the identity of the unknown Type if one Type is known and the relationship between the two has also been recognized.

Advantages of the method: very useful for checking the accuracy of Type identification results.

Disadvantages of the method: requires experience; not very practical.

Vocabulary method

This method is not used widely yet. The idea of the method is to recognise different Types of people by their use of different vocabularies, phrases and speech. For the practical utilisation of this method, it is necessary to be able to participate and observe simultaneously during conversation.

Advantages of the method: quite accurate and relatively quick; allows remote identification (by telephone, Internet IRC, etc.)

Disadvantages of the method: requires a lot of training; difficult to apply in a multilingual environment.

Other methods

A number of other methods for Psychological Type identification can be created. For example, someone who understands and can recognize Quadrable spirits in people s intentions and actions can use this as a method of identifying the Quadrable to which the person belongs. This will leave only four type choices, dramatically simplifying type identification. To conclude, studying and observing any feature that varies from type to type can become a useful instrument in the psychological type identification process.

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