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MBTILOUNGE.COM (MBTI and Socionics Enthusiasts & Personals), the world’s largest MBTI Personality Profiles platform. Best Socionics and MBTI assessment and Typing tool. Browse hundreds of MBTI Personalities, votes, review and view opinions, compare MBTI types. Favorite, famous celebrities.*, helps many each month** find their favorite personality types and vote up their preference. People across the globe use the MBTILOUNGE.COM site and app to browse more than votes, reviews and opinions of personality profiles and experiences.

Whether know MBTI or or any other Psychology technique, people turn to MBTILOUNGE.COM to compare MBTI and socio types, VOTE, as well as Favorite their great people and celebrities. MBTILOUNGE.COM, the MBTI and Socionics companion Blog, is available for all.

Credit to Founders: Enfp, Isfp, Entp & Infj

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