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Austin Currie

About Austin Currie

Between 1964 and 1972, this Social Democratic and Labour Party politician represented the East Tyrone constituency in the Parliament of Northern Ireland. Then, from 1999 to 2002, as a Fine Gael party member, he served Dublin West in the lower house of the Irish Parliament.

Early life

After attending Queen s University Belfast, he joined Northern Ireland s Nationalist Party and subsequently became active in the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association. While involved with this group, he helped establish the Social Democratic and Labour Party.


Before retiring from politics in 2002, he ran an unsuccessful campaign for President of Northern Ireland and also served as Minister of Education, Justice and Health.

Family of Austin Currie

He was raised in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, as a member of a Catholic family. His marriage to Annita Currie produced five children.

Close associates of Austin Currie

He and Brian Cowen both held the office of Teachta Dala (member of Ireland s lower parliamentary house).

James Crisp

About James Crisp

Paralympic swimmer who won seven medals at the 2000 Paralympics, including three gold medals.

Early life

He began swimming as psychotherapy when he contracted polio as a child.


He has won numerous gold medals at the IPC Swimming World Championships.

Family of James Crisp

He was born in Nottingham.

Close associates of James Crisp

He competed at the 2012 Paralympics, which featured swimmers such as Ahmed Kelly.

Jack Garratt

About Jack Garratt

English musician who released his first EP Remnants in October 2014. He later released his second EP Synsthesiac in April 2015.

Early life

He created both his Twitter and his YouTube account in 2009.


He released the single Weathered in July 2015 and it quickly became incredibly popular amongst his fanbase.

Family of Jack Garratt

He was born in Little Chalfont, a small village in southeast England. He moved to London to better pursue his career.

Close associates of Jack Garratt

Lisa Fischer helped him write the song “The Love You re Given.”

Javier Olivares

About Javier Olivares

Newscaster and radio host best known as one of the anchors of Univision s popular Digital Edition. He left the program in 2018 after producers did not renew his contract. 

Early life

He s been interested in journalism since he was a child and produced his first local television program at the age of 12. He moved to the US as an adult. 


Digital Edition was conceived in 2016 as a show Univision advertised would be the first of its kind to be simulcast on both digital/social platform as well as broadcast. 

Family of Javier Olivares

He was born and raised in Chile. 

Close associates of Javier Olivares

His co-host on Digital Edition was Carolina Sarrassa.

Lauren Williams

About Lauren Williams

Model better known as The Classic Giraffe who had the longest legs in the U.S. at 49 inches as of 2014. She has modeled for global brands including most notably Nike.

Early life

She played sports competitively growing up and got a scholarship for volleyball at the University of Southern California.


She has also worked as a science educator at a children s museum in Houston.

Family of Lauren Williams

She is originally from Houston, Texas. She was scouted as a model numerous times from a young age.

Close associates of Lauren Williams

New York model Brooke Banker previously claimed to have the longest limbs at 47 inches in 2013.