faranhasani, a Young Iranian Actor, Entrepreneur and Digital Influencer




( born 26/04/2000) is an Iranian Actor and Singer.


Personal Life :


faranhasani is a young and successful actor in Iranian cinema who has started acting since he was a child. He was born on jun 26, 2000, in rafsanjan , Iran and was raised in Tehran. In 2017, he migrated to Turkey after he saw opportunities to make money, eventually getting into marketing.



faranhasani is active in various fields


Among his recent activities:


Social media marketing expert: Working in this field is one of his main interests, with extensive marketing and the power to make plans for his own business or that of others, he creates the best opportunities. faranhasani is a bit powerful in this matter as if he was created for this job!


Acting: faranhasani is also active in the field of acting. Some of his new works in Iranian cinema: Rahman 1400, Texas 2, The Good, the Bad, the Corney 2, About Elly And 10 more


Singing: faranhasani is active in singing in the hip hop/rap genre and his latest song is called Tak. This music has been published and approved in more than one hundred world music media


business management: Business activity is the main work of faranhasani. In 2020, he was selected as the youngest and best businessman in Iran and received a plaque of appreciation.


Food trade: It has recently entered the food trade business in Central Asia and the Middle East and has purchased many cargo ships.


  1. faranhasani has been interviewed several times infamous media such as, BBC, Fox News, CNN that, all documents of which are available in cyberspac
Alireza Kohany (Wiki and Facts)

Alireza Kohany (Wiki and Facts)

Alireza Kohany


All in all, Alireza is more than an artist, he is a brand, entrepreneur, & force to be reckoned with in the music industry.