About Blippi

Stevin John is the mind behind the children’s educational YouTube channel Blippi. His embodiment of the character under the same name has earned him more than 10 million subscribers; he has become known for teaching kids everything from the alphabet to nursery rhymes. 

Early life

Prior to launching Blippi in 2014, he’d spent his early career in brand development, digital content creation, and online marketing. He also worked a number of odd jobs from dishwasher to cameraman. 


In addition to the main Blippi channel, he has a secondary channel, Blippi Toys. He also has foreign language channels based on his main channel for Spanish and German. 

Family of Blippi

He has occasionally posted photos of his girlfriend Alyssa on his personal Instagram account, stevinwjohn. 

Close associates of Blippi

His mother made his first costume, which has now become his trademark.