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Marjorie Gubelmann

About Marjorie Gubelmann

Owner of Vie Luxe International, a firm that produced candle lines for upscale fashion designers such as Óscar de la Renta and Calvin Klein.

Early life

She was a guest at New York Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week and was often profiled in popular magazines like Elle, Vogue, and Vanity Fair.


She was featured on the 2002 Single in the Hamptons season.

Family of Marjorie Gubelmann

Her grandfather was a well-known inventor. She was previously married to Reza Raein.

Close associates of Marjorie Gubelmann

She had many famous clients, including Carolina Herrera.

Mónica Morán

About Mónica Morán

TikTok star who often uses hand gestures as a major part of her videos. She has more than 7 million followers on her monismurf account. In 2018, she published her first book, Diario de una Muser. 

Early life

She battled Laura López on TikTok in September 2017.


She has over 260 million hearts on her TikTok account and she has amassed more than 2.2 million followers on his Instagram account monismurf. Her first Instagram post was of her singing Zara Larsson s “Ain t My Fault” in June 2017. In April 2019, she hosted a joint meet and greet with fellow Spanish social media star Naim Darrechi. 

Family of Mónica Morán

Her second last name is Fernández. She began dating Sieteex. She previously dated Instagram star Iván Cobos. 

Close associates of Mónica Morán

She often collaborates on social media with fellow popular influencers Sieteex and Àngela Mármol. 

Irina Bezrukova

About Irina Bezrukova

Russian film and television star most well known for her role in the 1996 feature Kolya. She also starred in Richard Lvinoe Serdtse, Navazhdeniye, and the 2005 miniseries Esenin. 

Early life

Her first film credit was as a model in the 1991 film Shou-boy. 


In 2006, she lent her voice to Anna in the Russian animated film Prince Vladimir. 

Family of Irina Bezrukova

Her father is Vladimir Bakhtura. She was married to actor Igor Livanov from 1989 to 2000 and actor Sergey Bezrukov from 2000 to 2015. Her son, Andrei Livanov, died at the age of 25. 

Close associates of Irina Bezrukova

In May 2017, she posted a photo to her popular Instagram account with renowned American actor Nicolas Cage. 

Lena Schoneborn

About Lena Schoneborn

Modern pentathlete who won a gold medal in the inspanidual event at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

Early life

She began training as an athlete at a young age.


She has won numerous medals at the World Championships, including multiple golds.

Family of Lena Schoneborn

She was born in Troisdorf, Germany.

Close associates of Lena Schoneborn

At the 2008 Olympics she beat many notable competitors, including Kara Grant.

Laurel Stucky

About Laurel Stucky

Winner of the 25th season of MTV s long running reality game show The Real World/Road Rules Challenge who set the record for participating in the most challenges without ever being eliminated. She holds 1 championship as well as 3 runner-up finishes through the show s history.

Early life

She attended Michigan State University as a Pre-Veterinary student and majored with a degree in Spanish Philology.


She is fluent in Spanish and is a leader for an outdoor education program for high school seniors called Man in Nature.

Family of Laurel Stucky

She is an only child, but puts a big emphasis on family, having 19 cousins. She was romantically involved with fellow Real World alum Nicole Zanatta; however the two split in August 2017.

Close associates of Laurel Stucky

She had a brief fling with Jordan Wiseley on MTV s Free Agents.

Jess Davies

About Jess Davies

Glamour model renowned for her appearances in magazines like Zoo and FHM. She has grown immensely popular on social media, earning more than 140,000 followers on her Instagram account alone.

Early life

Since the age of sixteen, she was heavily involved in beauty pageants and was even selected as a finalist for the title of Miss Wales.


She has expressed dedication to her schooling and studies and, in the spring of 2015, graduated with her bachelors from the University of South Wales.

Family of Jess Davies

Though originally from Hereford, she has lived in London, England.

Close associates of Jess Davies

She is friends with numerous fellow glamour models like Rosie Jones and Daisy Watts.