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Natalie Fanella

About Natalie Fanella

Video creator who has earned more than 470,000 fans on a self-titled TikTok account by posting comedy and slow motion videos.

Early life

She was 13 or 14 years old when she first started making videos on TikTok, which was called at the time.


She played varsity basketball in high school. Her position was forward.

Family of Natalie Fanella

Her parents are Deya and Rich Fanella. She has a brothers named Anthony and Joey and a sister, Samantha. 

Close associates of Natalie Fanella

She mimic d the dance moves of Andre Swilley in a split screen duet TikTok video.

Monika Pavlov

About Monika Pavlov

Social media star who has gained for the cute comedy videos her mother posts to her evgeshamore TikTok account. Her fans have boosted her to over 650,000 followers on the app. 

Early life

She appeared in her first TikTok video in April 2020. 


Her mother posts vlogs and comedy videos on her Mama & MiniMoni YouTube channel. 

Family of Monika Pavlov

Her parents have appeared on her TikTok account. 

Close associates of Monika Pavlov

She starred in a TikTok video set to the Melanie Martinez song “Play Date” in June 2020. 

Meagan Exline

About Meagan Exline

TikTok star who has gained fame for her self-titled channel. Her lip syncs often made in selfie mode and while glamorously made up have helped her garner more than 15 million likes.

Early life

She posted her first video to TikTok in August 2019.


She has studied at the University of Missouri. Her TikTok channel has also grown to more than 1.4 million followers. 

Family of Meagan Exline

She grew up in Yorkville and Frankfurt, Illinois.

Close associates of Meagan Exline

She and Olaelee are both popular lip syncers on TikTok.

Marina Shafir

About Marina Shafir

Martial artist who is called The Supernova from Maldova. She is a featherweight in the Glendale Fighting Club. She has more than 140,000 followers on her marinashafir Instagram account. 

Early life

She won all five of her amateur games from 2012 to 2014. 


She won her first professional game against Chandra Engel.

Family of Marina Shafir

She has a son named Troy.

Close associates of Marina Shafir

She and Royler Gracie are both featherweight martial artists. 

Marina Bruno

About Marina Bruno

Burgeoning film director and social media star who has built a following of more than 180,000 Instagram fans. She has showcased short films, vlogs, and even a feature film on her YouTube channel, Wondering Pictures, and self-titled channel.

Early life

She first began making movies at the age of six when she grabbed her home video camera and create little movies using her toys as characters.


She is one of the youngest female directors to ever film a feature. The film has been nominated for awards at over a 100 festivals worldwide.

Family of Marina Bruno

Her father is an independent filmmaker and her mentor. Her sister, Carla, is popular on Instagram and YouTube.

Close associates of Marina Bruno

In November 2016, she got a photo with Cordell Broadus while visiting Los Angeles.

Lynette Marie Yoder

About Lynette Marie Yoder

Matriarch behind The Yoder Family channel, who typically posts family and home decor videos. She has amassed over 90,000 subscribers on her channel. 

Early life

She originally posted to her YouTube channel in December 2016. 


She has gained over 30,000 followers on her lynetteyoder_ Instagram account. She moved from Ohio to Florida in early 2019. 

Family of Lynette Marie Yoder

She has a husband named Nic and two sons who also appear on her channel.

Close associates of Lynette Marie Yoder

Her sons, Kaden and Jaxon, are two of the stars on her family channel.