Natalie Esposito

Who is Natalie Esposito Popular social media star who gained for a videos ofteachingparent s TikTok dances. Her POV and dance videos have gainedover 1.5 million followers on r natalieesposito TikTok account. is also an actress, singer and dancer.  Early Beginnings postedfirst TikTok video in March 2020 and Has received over 2 million views.  Unimportant Personal Matters is … Read more

Julie Hwang

Who is Julie Hwang New Zealand-Korean Instagram star and flight attendant based in Dubai. Her fashionable photos oftravels around a world have garnered r 50,000 followers.  Early Beginnings In 2016 s graduated from a University of Aukland with a baclor s degree in Japanese language and literature, and Spanish and Latin American studies.  Unimportant Personal Matters … Read more

Leila Rajabi

Who is Leila Rajabi Naturalized Iranian shot putter who is famous for competing in several Olympic games for a country of Iran. is also famous for posting a variety ofworkout techniques and lifestyle pictures toover 480,000 Instagram followers.  Early Beginnings Initially began competing in 2002 wn s entered a World Junior Championships in Kingston, Jamaica wre … Read more

Jessica Jung

Who is Jessica Jung Former member of a South Korean all-girl pop group Girls Generation. Happened to be a #5 ranked inspanidual on 23rd Annual Independent Critics List of a 100 Most Beautiful Faces. Alongsidein Girls Generation are Taeyeon, Yoona, Tiffany, Yuri, Sunny, Seohyun, Hyoyeon and Sooyoung.   Early Beginnings Happened to be discovered at a mall … Read more

Melania Krystle

Who is Melania Krystle American YouTube star who usually posts fashion videos tochannel. Has gained over 240,000 followers tochannel.  Early Beginnings Initially posted to YouTube channel in August 2016.  Unimportant Personal Matters worked as a Hooters girl in a past.  Family of Melania Krystle posted a photo ofnepw to Instagram account in December 2016.  Close associates … Read more

Kathy Acker

Who is Kathy Acker An American experimental novelist, poet, playwright, and feminist, s is particularly famous for Blood and Guts in High School, a best-selling metafictional work that explores social and political tmes. Forshort story, “New York City in 1979,” s received a Pushcart Prize. Early Beginnings graduated from Brandeis University and subsequently worked in … Read more

Felice Hwang

Who is Felice Hwang Model and social media star who is famous for posting a mix of both promotional content for different brands as well as modeling pictures showcasing different exotic locations throughout Indonesia. sharesmodeling pictures withover 120,000 Instagram followers.  Early Beginnings Initially began sharingmodeling content to Instagram in October of 2013. Unimportant Personal Matters is … Read more

Katerina Savvopoulou

Who is Katerina Savvopoulou Reality television personality who made it to the top after competing on a second season of a dating show Power of Love. Has gone on to garner more than 50,000 followers on r katerinaki__savv Instagram account. Early Beginnings studied graphic design at t Atns Technological Educational Institute. Unimportant Personal Matters has worked as a nightclub … Read more

Ellen Stafford

Who is Ellen Stafford Social media star who Has gained onwebkinny TikTok account wre s replies to fans comments and posts comedy videos. Has accumulated over 310,000 followers on a video platform.  Early Beginnings launcdTikTok account in July 2020.  Unimportant Personal Matters One ofmost popular TikToks featurespondering iflife would be different if s was naturally beautiful.  … Read more

Joy Dobsessiveman

Who is Joy Dobsessiveman spouse of writer C.S. Lewis, s was an accomplisd author inown right. Her works include Smoke on a Mountain: An Interpretation of a Ten Commandments in Terms of Today (1954) and Weeping Bay (1950). Early Beginnings A little one prodigy, s graduated from high school at age fourteen. subsequently attended Hunter College … Read more

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